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Nagadoshas[ Kuja dosha] , Shani periods - Remedies

Shad Chakras 

Detailed Rashi phalalu of 2011/2012:

    Types of Nagadoshas and its remedies :

     Kuja - Shukra comjunction in each lagna

      Elinati , Ashtama and Ardhashtama shanis and  remedies:

         Lakshmi Kataksham

           Kalasha Pooja 1  --- May 2011

          Kalasha Pooja 2 - 25th Oct 2011

          • Episode 14  ---- After kalasha pooja - what to do

           Kalasha Pooja 3 - 21st Dec 2011


             Kalasha Pooja 4 - 28th Dec 2011

            Remedies for :

                  Remedy for people who make mistakes knowingly and unknowingly.Also for those who suffer for others mistakes
                  Different house related problems

                    Tips for specific nakshatra born people : 

                     Will be added soon

                    Tips in general:

                    Tip for married couples who have issues

                    • Episode 3
                    • Episode 4
                     Tip for stability in all aspects of life :
                      Rock salt immersion in the sea - Tip for Kuja dosha(Manglik dosha).People who know they have and who don't know they have(doubt) can do this remedy

                      Other interesting topics:

                       Astrology or Vastu - Which one we need to follow 

                      Muhurtas and Jatakas


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