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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Grahabalam 20th Oct 2011 Abt Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali

  • Kalasha Pooja to reduce the effect of bad planetory situations - Special Ep 9
  Today sidhanthi garu told above topic.


Corrected file of Lalitha Sahasranamalu  on 23rd Oct 2011

Will update the post little later.

 If anyone need English names Plz comment in the blog and let me know.

 It took me 4 hrs to write down the names in telugu late night.Hopefully it'll help u all. 

Plz check the spellings of the names or copy it in wordpad .Or take a print out of these names for which I'll give the rtf file tomorrow for download. 
 So so sorry blog readers its a printing mistake 1(1 name written as 2 ) and another my mistake.Please verify again and correct them immediately posted on 23rd Oct 2011

Grahabalam 20th Oct 2011 Abt Kalasha Pooja by madhurikiranmai


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