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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Grahabalam 4th May 2011 - Kumbha rashi yearly rashi phalalu


Pushkaralu and its importance:

Today Sidhanthi garu also told abt tomorrow's importance as its very auspicious, rare and sacred day. Generally a river has pushkaralu every year. Pushkaramu means sarassu(Lake).

Brahma deva has created a person named Pushkara. He used be agonised by the way people are polluting the lake even urinating in it. So to protect the lake from pollution he does tapassu for Parama Shiva. So soon as Lord shiva he appears in front of him he wishes to have 1 moorthithva(Jala roopa Deham meaning body in form of water) out of 8 moorthithvas which would be granted.

Every year Pushkara would enter each river with this jala roopa deham and purifies the water.Who is Pushkara? He is none other than Guru(guru of gods is Jupiter). Guru has 2 rashi's,as per astrology its called Swakhshetra which is Dhanus and Meena rashis.Meena rashi is Jala rashi(water sign). So Guru would enter Meena rashi(Jala rashi) which is its swakhshetram as Jala roopam which resulted in Pranitha river pushkaras(6th Dec last year). Guru would come out of Meena rashi this May 8th.There are 22 Thursdays between 6th Dec 2010 to 8th May 2011.Among them 1st thursday occured on 9th Dec 2010 in Uttarashada nakshatram(Surya nakshatram).The last thursday is tomorrow 5th May 2011(moon nakshatram).This comes after 12 years again.

9th Dec was Margasira masam which is Lord vishnu's masam and tomorrow is Visakha masam which is also Lord Vishnu's.

What to do:

So tomorrow not only Punarvasu, Visakha and PoorvaBhadra nakshatras people and people who are running GURU Mahadasha but also all the nakshatra people should pray to their Ishta Dyvam(Ur fav god) and do pradikshana to Raavi Chettu(Peepal tree), read Vishnu sahasranamam and Gruru graha Sthothram. If possible go to navagra temple and offer yellow flowers to GURU.There are specially 5 lagnas tomorrow. Unmarried people , couples who wish to have children and others should pray to their Ishta Dyvam.

Tomorrow don't wear BLACK at all.

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt KUMBHA RASHI.


Earnings: 5

Expenditure: 5

Honor: 6

Dishonor: 3

Rahu and Kethu: Since the start of the year to the end of the year, Rahu and Kethu are as Tamara murthies. So Rahu and Kethu will give minus points.

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha would be unfavourable for this rashi. From Nov 15th till the end of the year as rajitha murthy so gives positive results.

Guru: On May 8th Guru would enter Mesha rashi as rajitha murthy.So also gives good results.


Munchethula problem would be cured in about 15 days

All specific dates:

May 25th to July 28th

Dhanishta nakshatra 3,4 pada and Shatabhisha nakshatra people should take take more care regarding profession, business, education, health and vehicle. People who have already did Shankusthapan(ritual before constructing a place or house) before and are in process of constructing should be careful.Poorvabhadra nakshatra people need not worry at this time just have to follow some health rules.

July 31st to September 15th

Shatabhisha nakshatra people should take more care regarding children. Pregnant ladies should also be careful. Couples who don't have children and trying to have children by doing some poojas and also consult a doctor should avoid these days for treatment as per astrology.

September 9th to 30th

Kumbha rashi people should observe whose your real friend or enemy.

October (whole month)

All married couples, unmarried people and lovers should be patient. Married couples don't irritate each other. Some problems may occur as the right decisions are not taken at the right time. Unmarried people should take care regarding taking marriage related decisions and thinking.

Dec 5th to 21st

Should be careful regarding travelling, jobs , driving vehicles or business.Should not think too much, think properly ,don't get upset and take correct decisions anddon't get into fights and move forward with humanity.

January 9th to 26th

Pooravabhadra nakshatra 1, 2, 3 pada and Dhanishta nakshatra 3,4 pada people should take proper care regarding expenditure. Take decisions after thinking and reduce your expenditure.


All nakshatrapeople will have good results.


Take more care regarding children, financial and job. Take proper care while taking decisions.


These nakshatra people may have negative results due to Rahu and Kethu.

Dhanishta is KUJA nakshatra. On Tuesdays Rahu Kalam (3:00 pm to 4:30 pm) don't wear red dress at that time for whole year.

Shatabhisha is RAHU nakshatra. On Saturdays Rahu Kalam (9:00 am to 10:30 am) don't wear red dress at that time for whole year.

Pooravabhadra is GURU nakshatra. On thursdays Rahu Kalam (1:30 pm to 3:00 pm) don't wear red dress at that time for whole year.

Thus would help you take good decisions and would in tuen help you get good results.

In May, all important 5 days are coming for all rashi people to perform pooja and homa process which is very rare.How the planetory situations could effects us and the remedies to get out the effect.So it would be explained in future episodes.

Ok folks i'm done translating

Grahabalam 4th May 2011 - Kumbha rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

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