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Monday, 2 May 2011

Grahabalam 2nd May 2011 - Dhanus rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Hi guys!

Today Sidhanthi garu told abt Tuesday Amavasya which is tomorrow(3rd May).Its very auspicious day.According to Dharma Shasthra and as told by book Dharma Sindhu.Its a myth that Amavasya tuesday is not good dayand people are afraid of it but there is nothing to be afraid of as now u'll know now.So tomorrow try to take some important decision and slowly but surely u will get the results in future.

And also continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt DHANUS RASHI.


Earnings: 2

Expenditure: 11(From Nov this will be more)

Honor: 7

Dishonor: 7

Rahu and Kethu : Rahu is in Dhanus rashi as of today.But tomorrow at 5:30 am it will be entering Vrushchika rashi. And Kethu is also moving from Mithuna rashi to Vrushabha rashi. So both are most favourable for this rashi people.

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha would be favourable for this rashi. After Nov 15th till the end of the year enters as tamara murthy so give negative results.

Guru: On May 8th Guru wouldcome in Dhanus rashi which is panchama sthana(5th place).So its unfavourable till the end of the year.

All specific dates:

June 15th:

There is Full Lunar eclipse in moola Nakshatra of Dhanus rashi for about 1hr 42 minutes.Usually sampoorna bimbam(total moon) would be abt 10 mts to 30 mts but this time its more than an hour so take precautions.

June 20th to July 28th

Take more care regarding health and debts matters. Possiblity od friends may becoming enemies is more.So be careful while speaking with them

August 4th to Sept 20th

Married couples and lovers must be patient.Unmarried people should not think abt marriage related issues or decisions.

Sept 9th to Oct 31st

Be very careful while travelling, driving vehicles, while crossing roads,in cesarean operations or any other operations.


On all mondays in between SEPT 9th to OCT 31st between 6:00pm to 7:00pm read Lalitha Sahasranamam.

November 5th to 11th

May unknowingly do faults in their work(may be business,education or job). So try to correct those faults. Mainly Moola and Poorvashada people should take even more care towards ur work.But Uttarashada people could take it little light in this regard but have to be careful.

October(whole month)

Be careful while drawing money in bank, credit card usage so be careful in all aspects of life.

Before November 15th:

All digestive problems will be cured.Mental absorbtion will be reduced. Power to aim your goal will increase.

After November 15th:

Moola and Poorvashada nakshatra jataka people will be cured lower abdominal faults and feet problems. For Uttarashada nakshatra 1st pada people all the problems from throat to stomach would be cured. Excess expenditure will be there.Sometimes they seem to have stubborn determination which shouldn't be there. May be defamed a little.

November 16th to December 8th

The way of thinking should be restricted.Actually these thought have started from July 15th. Don't be greedy and speak as time requires.

Jan 9th to 21 st

Poorvashada and Moola nakshatra people should be take more care regarding health. Uttarasha nakshatra 1st pada people should be take more care regarding house matters.

Feb 14th to 23rd

Poorvashada and Moola nakshatra people will experience more happiness which may exceed so have to control the happiness. Uttarasha nakshatra 1st pada people may feel like troubling the people opposite them.So they also need to control these feelings which will lead to good results.

After Aug 19th

Dhanus rashi may complete their task through their Uncle(Mother's brother). Way to free ur debt would be eased. Enemy problems would be reduced. Give time for Soul thinking tomorrow morning itself at 5:30am from the moment you brush your teeth.Do this everyday morning from tomorrow to Jhestha masam eclipse.

Don't critisize anyone or blame. U may even suspect the person or angry with them or love the person but don't express your feelings.Keep it to yourself.This would help you give favourable conditions and also improves your toughness. Otherwise the situations would not only be reversed but the situations would also be unmanagable.And give importance to decision taking matters regarding ur goals and aims(Sankalpa Balam).

Ok people i'm done translating.c u 2morrow.

Grahabalam 2nd May 2011 - Dhanus rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai


  1. hi madhuri,i am sarvani from hyderabad.i want to thank and praise u a lot for this help u are our area we suffer by the power cut,but because of u we are able to know what happened on that days' Graha Balam.dont stop doing this,i know there is lot of work behind this.keep going and once again thanks a lot.bye

  2. Hi Sarvani!

    I'm so happy that i cud help u.Ya...thank god u see the work behind this blog.But people won't even bother to stop by and reply or comment anything at all.Only few like u take time to do so.And I appreciate that.People like u inspire me to do even more work.I hope more and more people like u see this blog and learn how to make their lives better.Plz pass the blog link to all ur friends and family so they can learn from Astrology.Thanks Sidhanthi garu from everyone's behalf. Ur most welcome.
    no bye
    c u again

  3. i am not happy because Ur update is not good the voice not nice lot of distressing is coming while hearing

  4. Hello Kranthi garu!

    Which audio or video ur referring to?Plz be clear.Let me know i'll look into it.

  5. Kranthi garu!

    All the audios are clear enough from my side.May be u must should check ur speakers or ur pc for that.

  6. Namaste Madhuri garu..
    I've been browsing through some astrology blogs and happen to see this one. I can see your effort in all these posts and I appreciate it.
    Thanks much



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