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Monday, 24 October 2011

Grahabalam 23rd Oct 2011 Kalasha Pooja

Download the names if Lalitha Shasranamalu file : HERE 

Kalasha Pooja Info and process:  

Arishta Graha sthithulu: Kalasha Pooja on 25th Oct

In Ashwayuja masam on13th,15th and Nov 13th to avoid effects of Bad planetory motion we have to do Kalsha Pooja.

Pancha graha Kutami in Kanya rashi

Effects will be on 18 Nakshatras is more than the rest of the nakshatras.

Kruthika, Uttara, Uttarashada, Pushyami, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra, Hastha, Chitta, Arudra, Swathi, Shatabhisha, Bharani, Pubbha, Pooravashada, Visakha, Jeshtha

13th Oct Arishta Graha sthithulu,15th and Nov 13th to avoid effects of Bad planetory motion

The effects of Arishta graha sthithulu(bad planetory situations) which occurs on 13th Oct will be on few nakshatras
Similarly the effects of Arishta graha sthithulu(bad planetory situations) which occurs on 15th Oct will be on few nakshatras and the effects of Arishta graha sthithulu(bad planetory situations) which occurs on 15th Nov will be on few nakshatras

The effect of the three Arishta Graha sthithulu will be for 43 days.

For this we need to do Kalasha pooja

Its starts on Oct 4th to Nov 15th.It precisely starts on Oct 4th 2011(Durgashtami) evening at 4:12pm
It started in Andhra Pradesh Janma Nakashtra which is Chitta nakshatra , Kanya rashi, continues in Tula and Vrushchika rashi. 5 planets are moving in these 3 rashis.One edge there is Shani in kanya, and the other edge there is Rahu in Tula rashi and in between there are Ravi, Shukra and Budha planets.

 Its starts on Oct 4th to Nov 15th.  

1st AGS is on 13th Oct 2011(Thursday) in kanya rashi occurs Ravi and Shani conjunction.Ravi is the one who runs the politics and Shani is the one who encourages politics.There is extreme enemity among Ravi and Shani.

 2nd AGS is on 15th Oct 2011(Saturday) Kuja being in neecha sthana in Karkataka rashi aspecting Rahu in Vrushchika rashi as per degrees. 
Doubt may arise:   Kuja is in Karkataka rashi and Rahu in Vrushchika rashi  .when we calculate it will be 5th place but Kuja has only 4th drishti.The truth is when u calculate precisely it will be on 15th Oct.

3rd AGS is on 13th Nov 2011(Sunday) occurs Shukra and Rahu conjunction.

To come out the effects of this AGS we must to Kalasha pooja

So we take the centre day of total 43 days leaving 21 days from either sides gives us 1 day which is 25th Oct 2011(Tuesday)

1st AGS conjunction of Ravi and shani in Kanya rashi.Ravi's nakshatra are 3 which are Uttara,Uttarashada and Kruthika.Shani nakshatras are 3 which are Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttarabhadra.Kanya rashi nakshatras are (Uttara, we already counted in Ravi's nak), Hastha and Chitta.So there are 8 nakshatras.
All these people take proper care in the way you think after this day.Nothing to worry but be careful.Don't give much attention to new thoughts.Be careful in financial transactions, while talking to others, expressing anger , jovial matters,  being alone and thinking as new ideas may sprout which you need not encourage at all till 16th Nov.

2nd AGS occurs when Kuja is aspects Rahu.  Kuja's nakshatra are 3 which are (Chitta,   we already counted in Ravi's nak )Dhanishta and Mrugasira.Rahu nakshatras are 3 which are Arudra, Swathi  and 5 nakshatras.
Anuradha, Jhestha and Visakha, Pushyami, Anuradha, Ashleysha, Jhestha, Revathi,Visakha, Punarvasu and Poorvabhadra.
All these nak people avoid fights and control your vach sthana(speech) and don't give promises.

3rd AGS conjunction of Shukra and Rahu in Vrushchika rashi.Shukra's nakshatra are 3 which are Bharani, Pubba and Poorvashada.The Conjunction takes place in Vrushchika rashi  are (Anuradha, we already counted in Shani's nak), Visakha and Jhestha.So there are 5 nakshatras.
People who are running Rahu antardasha in Shukra mahardasha , Shukra antardasha in Rahu mahardasha, people in software employers,Gold business people, Garments business people abd mobiles phone related business will come under this category.
So alltogether there are 18 nakshatras

The effects of AGS are not only seen on these above mentioned nakshatras.It will be on all 27 nakshatras directly or indirectly.But the above mentioned nakshatras will be more effect on them.

Everyone can do the kalasha pooja on 25th Oct 2011 to remove the bad effects and give good results.

 When we have to do the kalasha pooja:

As this kalasha pooja is done on 25th Oct 2011 which is  also Krishna Angaraka chathurdashi.So we should do it in the evening.Two more specials are also connected to this day which happened to be also Dhana trayodashi and Naraka chathurdashi.

Who should do the kalasha pooja:

1) One Kalasha for all members of family.

2) If there is one member in the family and they have prob then you can go to the neighbour who does kalasha pooja and think that kalash as yours and pray.

3) Women who are having periods mustn't do this pooja.

4) Single person, couple, widow, widower, unmarried or old people anyone can do the pooja.

At what time this pooja has to be done:

Between  5:00pm to 7:00pm ONLY. To be precise 1 hr before sunset and 1 hr after sunset.

What do we need to do for Kalasha pooja:

1) Wheat powder(pure) - 100gms
    Wheat is related to Sun.The day when we are doing the pooja is Tuesday.Adipathi for tuesday is Kuja.           Kuja and Surya are good friends.   This is for another Kalasha Pooja not for 25th Oct 2011(today) will
     be mentioned later       

2) One should fast untill the pooja is over.If you can't fast then take fruits.

3) After pooja, you can eat anything.

4) Person who does the Kalasha pooja can take rest.But avoid sleeping at all cost.

5) Should sleep after 11:00 pm only

4) Shanthi deepam: Don't use Nuvvula noone(sesame oil) at all.Use Coconut oil or Cow ghee(pure)  

5) Kalash can be of any material like ragi(bronze), steel , Vendi or Pottery

6) Swasthik marked white kerchief. People who have done the kalasha pooja earlier can use the same kerchief or can prepare new one also.People who are new to Kalasha  pooja can also prepare the swasthik marked kerchief.

7) Red thread (small) - cotton or polyester.11 pogulu(11 times of thread more than elbow  size) and tie a knot in middle and red cloth.See the video for more details.

8) Get Red Hibiscus or roses.If u cant get red coloured flower then use any flower but  sprinkle little kumkum on the flowers.No need to dip the flowers in red color.Just little sprinkling is enough.

Offering: Coconut,dry kajooras 9 nos(dry dates)

Read the names of Lalitha Sahasranamam:

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamalu to be read for Kalasha pooja on 25th Oct 2011

From 475th name to 527th name ----total 53 names,repeat the names again it adds upto 106 names and add Om Shri Lalithambikayai namah at the starting and at the end of names which is 2 names.

Total 108 names all together.

And for the the rest of the info u can view the below video. 

  1.    ఓం  శ్రీ  లలితాంబికాయై నమః
 2.     ఓం   విశుద్ధిచక్రనిలయాయై   నమః
 3.     ఓం  ఆరక్తవర్ణాయై  నమః
 4.     ఓం  త్రిలోచనాయై   నమః
 5.     ఓం  ఖట్వాంగాదిప్రహరణాయై నమః
 6.     ఓం  వదనైకసమన్వితాయై  నమః
 7.     ఓం  పాయసాన్నప్రియాయై  నమః
 8.     ఓం  త్వక్ స్థాయై నమః
 9.     ఓం   పశులోకభయంకర్యై  నమః
10.     ఓం  అమృతాది  మహాశక్తి  సంవృతాయై  నమః
11.     ఓం  డాకినీశ్వర్యై   నమః
12.     ఓం  అనాహతాబ్జ   నిలయాయై నమః
13.     ఓం  శ్యామాభాయై నమః
14.     ఓం  వదనద్వయాయై నమః
15.     ఓం  దంష్ట్రోజ్జ్వలాయై నమః
16.     ఓం  అక్షమాలాదిధరాయై నమః
17.     ఓం  రుధిరసంస్థితాయై నమః
18.     ఓం  కాళరాత్ర్యాది   శక్త్యౌఘ  వృతాయై  నమః
19.     ఓం  స్నిగ్ధౌదన ప్రియాయై  నమః
20.     ఓం  మహావీరేంద్రవరదాయై  నమః
21.     ఓం  రాకిన్యంబా స్వరూపిణ్యై నమః
22.     ఓం  మణిపూరాబ్జ   నిలయాయై నమః
23.     ఓం  వదనత్రయ   సంయుతాయై నమః
24.     ఓం  వజ్రాదికాయుధోపేతాయై నమః
25.     ఓం  డామర్యాదిభిరావృతాయై నమః
26.     ఓం  రక్తవర్ణాయై  నమః
27.     ఓం మాంసనిష్ఠాయై  నమః
28.     ఓం  గుడాన్నప్రీతామానసాయై  నమః
29.     ఓం   సమస్త భక్తసుఖదాయై నమః
30.     ఓం  లాకిన్యంబాస్వరూపిణ్యై  నమః
31.     ఓం  స్వాధిష్ఠానాంబుజగతాయై నమః
32.     ఓం  చతుర్వక్త్రమనోహరాయై నమః
33.     ఓం శూలాద్యాయుధసంపన్నాయై  నమః
34.     ఓం  పీతవర్ణాయై  నమః
35.     ఓం  ఆతిగర్వితాయై  నమః
36.     ఓం  మేదోనిష్ఠాయై నమః
37.     ఓం  మధుప్రీతాయై నమః
38.     ఓం  బందిన్యాదిసమన్వితాయై  నమః
39.     ఓం  దధ్యన్నాసక్త హృదయాయై  నమః
40.     ఓం  కాకినీరూపధారిణ్యై నమః
41.     ఓం  మూలాధారాంబుజా రూఢాయై  నమః
42.     ఓం   పంచవక్త్రాయై  నమః
43.     ఓం  అస్థిసంస్థితాయై  నమః
44.     ఓం  అంకుశాదిప్రహరణాయై నమః
45.     ఓం  వరదాదినిషేవితాయై  నమః
46.     ఓం  ముద్గౌదనాసక్తచిత్తాయై  నమః
47.     ఓం  సాకిన్యంబాస్వరూపిణ్యై   నమః
48.     ఓం ఆజ్ఞాచక్రాబ్జ నిలయాయై నమః
49.     ఓం శుక్లవర్ణాయై నమః
50.     ఓం షడాననాయై నమః
51.     ఓం మజ్ఞాసంస్థాయై నమః
52.     ఓం  హంసవతీముఖ్యశక్తి     సమన్వితాయై   నమః
53.     ఓం  హరిద్రాన్నై కరసికాయై నమః
54.     ఓం హాకినీరూపధారిణ్యై  నమః
55.     ఓం  విశుద్ధిచక్రనిలయాయై   నమః
56.     ఓం  ఆరక్తవర్ణాయై  నమః
57.     ఓం  త్రిలోచనాయై   నమః
58.     ఓం  ఖట్వాంగాదిప్రహరణాయై నమః
59.     ఓం  వదనైకసమన్వితాయై  నమః
60.     ఓం  పాయసాన్నప్రియాయై  నమః
61.     ఓం  త్వక్ స్థాయై నమః
62.     ఓం   పశులోకభయంకర్యై  నమః
63.     ఓం  అమృతాది  మహాశక్తి  సంవృతాయై  నమః
64.     ఓం  డాకినీశ్వర్యై   నమః
65.     ఓం  అనాహతాబ్జ   నిలయాయై నమః
66.     ఓం  శ్యామాభాయై నమః
67.     ఓం  వదనద్వయాయై నమః
68.     ఓం  దంష్ట్రోజ్జ్వలాయై నమః
69.     ఓం  అక్షమాలాదిధరాయై నమః
70.     ఓం  రుధిరసంస్థితాయై నమః
71.     ఓం  కాళరాత్ర్యాది   శక్త్యౌఘ  వృతాయై  నమః
72.     ఓం  స్నిగ్ధౌదన ప్రియాయై  నమః
73.     ఓం  మహావీరేంద్రవరదాయై  నమః
74.     ఓం   రాకిన్యంబా స్వరూపిణ్యై నమః
75.     ఓం  మణిపూరాబ్జ   నిలయాయై నమః
76.     ఓం  వదనత్రయ   సంయుతాయై నమః
77.     ఓం  వజ్రాదికాయుధోపేతాయై నమః
78.     ఓం   డామర్యాదిభిరావృతాయై నమః
79.     ఓం  రక్తవర్ణాయై  నమః
80.     ఓం  మాంసనిష్ఠాయై  నమః
81.     ఓం  గుడాన్నప్రీతామానసాయై  నమః
82.     ఓం   సమస్త భక్తసుఖదాయై నమః
83.     ఓం  లాకిన్యంబాస్వరూపిణ్యై  నమః
84.     ఓం  స్వాధిష్ఠానాంబుజగతాయై నమః
85.     ఓం  ఓం చతుర్వక్త్రమనోహరాయై నమః
86.     ఓం శూలాద్యాయుధసంపన్నాయై  నమః
87.     ఓం  పీతవర్ణాయై  నమః
88.     ఓం  ఆతిగర్వితాయై  నమః
89.     ఓం  మేదోనిష్ఠాయై నమః
90.     ఓం  మధుప్రీతాయై నమః
91.     ఓం  బందిన్యాదిసమన్వితాయై  నమః
92.     ఓం  దధ్యన్నాసక్త హృదయాయై  నమః
93.     ఓం  కాకినీరూపధారిణ్యై నమః
94.     ఓం  మూలాధారాంబుజా రూఢాయై  నమః
95.     ఓం   పంచవక్త్రాయై  నమః
96.     ఓం  అస్థిసంస్థితాయై  నమః
97.     ఓం  అంకుశాదిప్రహరణాయై నమః
98.     ఓం  వరదాదినిషేవితాయై  నమః
99.     ఓం  ముద్గౌదనాసక్తచిత్తాయై  నమః
100.   ఓం  సాకిన్యంబాస్వరూపిణ్యై   నమః
101.   ఓం  ఆజ్ఞాచక్రాబ్జ నిలయాయై నమః
102.   ఓం శుక్లవర్ణాయై నమః
103.   ఓం  షడాననాయై నమః
104.   ఓం  మజ్ఞాసంస్థాయై నమః
105.   ఓం  హంసవతీముఖ్యశక్తి     సమన్వితాయై   నమః
106.   ఓం  హరిద్రాన్నై కరసికాయై నమః
107.   ఓం హాకినీరూపధారిణ్యై  నమః
108.   ఓం శ్రీ  లలితాంబికాయై నమః  

After Kalasha pooja:

1) Coconut:use it for any dish preferably sweet on that day or the next day.

2) The water in Kalasha should be sprinkled on head and remaining water can be used to water tulasi or any other plant.

3) The cloth used for kalsha pooja(red) as shown in video can be stiched as blouse for anyone in the house.

4) And the rice used should be cooked as sweet and take as prasad but don't waste it or give last grains to    

At what time we should to kalasha pooja: In India 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm on 25th Oct 2011

At what time we should to kalasha pooja for Laxmi pooja: Calculate time from Sunset to sunrise in minutes.Then divide it by 2.
You will get mid night nishidhi.Now add half an other before and after Nishidhi time.You'll get precise time for Laxmi Pooja.


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