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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Grahabalam 19th April 2011- Vrushabha rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Hello everybody!

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt VRUSHABHA RASHI.


Earnings: 8

Expenditure: 11

Honor: 7

Dishonor: 5

Total planets are 9 and the important among them are 4 which are Shani, Guru, Rahu and Kethu.

Rahu and Kethu : This year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012) Rahu and kethu are totally unfavourable.

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha would be less favourable for this rashi. Shani is favourable from Nov 16th.

Guru: Till May 8th Guru would be unfavourable for this rashi. After May 8th Guru would be very favourable and give importance for this rashi.

Vrushabha rashi people must be careful and should take interest regarding older son-in-law.


This rashi ladies should take a lot of care of Uterus related, throat related and also pregnant ladies should be very careful.Keep E.N.T doctors numbers at reach.

Children: Take care with 2nd and 4th children of the family.

Children may be pregnant or children may have finished studies and applying for job or may be even ready to get married. In all these cases you need to take much care and be attentive.

This rashi people who don’t have children and trying for children must avoid these days July 28th to Sept 9th.

Marriage: There is possiblity of late marriages but marriage yogam is there for this rashi people.

Be friendly with your brothers even if you had a fight then patch it up.And even place change would be possible.


Gents should take care of ankle related and throat related.Married couples should not tell personal matters like any differences or quarrels to others not even close friends or relatives.If you say then it will lead to lot of problems.

Most importantly don’t give surety to anyone this year and don’t even sign on promissory note as evidence.

Don’t express personal grudge on someone to anyone not even to your family members.

Vrishabha jataka people must ignore all fights at home and don’t take them too seriously.

All specific dates:

June 5th to 25th

Don’t get tensed for no reason.Mrugasira jataka people don’t express your anger unneccessarily.And Rohini nakshatras people don’t feel sad unneccessarily.

July 28th to Sept 9th

Vrishabha Jataka people should be careful while speaking, don’t give promises. Rohini nakshatras people may promise in humanitarian grounds.So avoid them. Much cared should be taken in all matters related to finance.


In this month, this jataka people must be careful in profession, business , education , vehicle, health wise as well. Even new problem may also arise.

Some people will be already living in own houses and others wish to have own house and some who wish to construct a new house or change the place because of vasthu dosha.Don’t try to shift the house in this month.

November 10th to 25th

Don’t get mentally or physically strained uneccessarily and have patience.All impotant occassions like engagements or matchmaking or marriages in these days be careful as the planetory situation is against.

All impotant occassions like engagements or matchmaking or marriages in these days be careful as the planetory situation is against.
For Vrushabha rashi, Shukra is adipathi.But shukra is rakshasa’s guru.Guru is god’s
guru.So they are quite opposite.
Vrushabha rashi people must consider thursday as unfavourable day.But for people who are born in Kruthika 2, 3, 4 padas,their adipathi is Ravi.Ravi is friend of Guru.
Mrugasira 1,2 padas adipathi is Kuja.Kuja is friend of Guru.So the exception is that Vrushabha rashi people can consider all days as important.But Kruthika and Mrugasira people should consider saturday as unfavourable day.Rohini nakshatra people must omit Monday and Wednesday.


An Eclipse is occurring in Vrushabha rashi (in Rohini and Mrugasira nakshatras)which full moon eclipse.The effects would even continue till January atleast for 60 days(from Dec 10th to Feb 10th).

Due to this Lunar eclipse, Vrushabha rashi people may experience mental disarray which in turn effects on how they talk, walk or take decisions.There could be lack of unserstanding between sibblings.Take immense care regarding property issues or property fights.For people who have court cases at that time make sure that at these months it doesn’t get postponed.Even in daily matters take much care in these months.Just think that is it going according to your thoughts.

As you take a decision and leave home.As soon as you step outside thinking would be same but Buddi would change.As moon and budha are enemies.So there would be compatability issues which could cause problems.

Students should take a lot of care in studies.Rohini nakshatra people must control their thinking and have the tendency to forget the thought they have taken, so make a note of it.


Kruthika Nakshatra people should pray to Rahu on Sunday’s at rahukalam.

Rohini Nakshatra people should pray to Rahu on Monday’s at rahukalam.

Mrugasira 1, 2 padas Nakshatra people should pray to Rahu on Tuesday’s rahukalam time.

In May, important 5 days are coming for all rashi people to perform pooja and homa process which is very rare.How the planetory situations could effects us and the remedies to get out the effect.So it would be explained in future episodes.

Grahabalam 19th April 2011-Vrushabha rashi... by madhurikiranmai

That’s it guys…..bye

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