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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Grahabalam 4th June 2011 Gargeya garu told abt Lakshmi Kataksham(special prog) episode 2


Today sidhanthi garu told abt how we can get Goddess Lakshmi's anugraham(blessings).This topic will be continued untill its finished.

Yesterday we have covered the topic till cow dung's dried cakes. 

Process contd:

a) Now make that dried pidaka(cow dung's cake) into small pieces and store it in a plastic bottle so it would safe from ants or insects.

b) Now take a small piece of pidaka and keep a karpooram(camphor) on it and  burn it totally.Don't burn whole pidaka or all the pieces at a time. Only use as much as you need

c) It will become bhasma( precious ash).

what to do with Bhasmam:

a) Apply it as tilak every morning once after taking bath(no need of head bath)

b) But you need to wake up before sunrise and apply this tilak.

c) People who work very late at night and can't wake early everyday atleast wake up early on Fridays
d) Repeat this process if Bhasma is over and keep it as tilak

Note:People who wake up early, take bath and apply this tilak will get lakshmi devi's anugraham and the rest will obviously have no anugrham.

Next month on July 29th and 30th , you can do this process

3rd Process:

In Jyothisya shashtra, simha rashi  adipathi is sun's and its swakshethra for him.
Mesha rashi is ravi's Uchcha kshetra. From Mesha to Simha rashis (Mesha, Vrushabha, Mihtuna, Karkataka and Simha rashis) when we observe which planets have Uchcha sthanasare as follows

Rashi                            Its sthana                              akshatra related to the planet
Mesha rashi                  Sun's Uchcha sthana                   Kruthika nak 1st pada
Vrushabha rashi            Moon's Uchcha sthana                Rohini  nak  4  padas
Mihtuna rashi
Karkataka rashi            Guru's Uchcha sthana                 Punarvasu  nak  3 padas
Simha rashi

Specific days to take into consideration:

Kruthika Nakshatra Sunday, Rohini nakshatra monday and Punarvasu nakshatra Thurday.
Apart from those days take these days also into consideration.

a) when  Kruthika Nakshatra occurs on  sunday, nakshatra  must be first 5 hrs or atleast 2 hrs

b) Similarly when Rohini nakshatra  occurs on monday can be from morning to evening it has nothing to do with hrs.

c) When Punarvasu nakshatra occurs on Thurday (as 1st padam is in Mithuna rashi and the rest are in Kakataka rashi).If you have problem remembering these padas then simply leave 1st 7 to 8hrs(nak timings) and take the rest hrs into consideration.

NOTE: These are not based on time.Please look into the nakshatra timings.

DOUBTS: You may have a doubt that if a friday comes on may 12th and 13th or Sept 14th and 15th should we do pidaka with permanganate(1st process) or lemon(2nd process).

You must to do the process with pomegranate ONLY in the months of May and Sept.

What do we need: Pure Honey

Note: Women who are having monthly period should avoid doing this.

What to do: 

a) Take 5 drops of honey into your hand.

b) Come out of the house and turn towards Surya(sun) god and offer namaskar with full faith and take the honey as prasad.

At what time we have to do: Before 8:00am only

4th process:

We all can find Elephant stautes made of koyya or mud or plaster of paris on roadside.

 Make sure you get the elephants whose trunk is up as if its splattering water.

Keep the elephants in almara or in show case with a small flower pot or statue or Rs 5 coin in between.

Now these elephants are goddess Lakshmi devi's swaroopa(the devi itself).

Get a separate cloth for dusting the elephants.You should not dust it like beating or hitting it.But gently remove the dust.

NOTE: Dust the elephants only on THURSDAYS.

On monday sidhanthi garu will tell remaining details and will also demonstrate how to tie kanakanas to hand.So don't miss it.

I'm done translating....bye

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Grahabalam 4th June 2011 Gargeya garu told abt... by madhurikiranmai


  1. Hi Madhuri,

    Lakshmi kataksham episode2 mp3 doesnt have sound check it and re-upload

  2. Hi Manoj!

    I've downloaded the file and checked it but the audio is fine.The fault may be from ur side.And by the way, to report all dead and problem links there is a separate page in the header named "Problem with blog and links".Next time plz make sure u comment in that section only.

  3. Hi Madhuri
    Today only I saw this wonderful site and it is glad to see such valuable information and your work is really appreciable. I got a doubt regarding the second process, hope u'll b clarifying it. U said that June 29th and 30th can be utilized to make pidakas whereas in the video, Siddantigaru is telling that the period in June in already over and in July, U can use on 29th and 30th, which one is correct? If you could clarify this, I can utilize this 29th or 30th for doing such. Thanking you

  4. Hi Radhika!

    Ya, u r right.I've typed that by mistake for that I'm so sorry.And thank u for asking that doubt and made me correct it immediately.


  5. Hi Madhuri,
    Thanx for your immediate response, one more doubt I have, u pls answer this siddanthi garu said, today only krutika nakshatra was there and in between krutika and uttara, we have a friday, that too, amavasya mixed friday on July first, shouldn't we consider this day as aspecious to make pidakas? This was my actually doubt yesterday too, thatswhy I asked u to clarify.Awaiting your reply. Thanx.

  6. hai madhuri garu,
    i want the full process about santhideepam,that means about how to create alasandhalu and all tht

  7. Hello Sarada garu!

    Plz look at the header page under "Index - All the content" where u can find all the details of Shanthi deepam.Let me know if anything else u need.

  8. Hi Gargeya garu,

    can you please let us know weather you can help us in vastu also.

    my mail id is




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