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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Grahabalam 8th June 2011 Gargeya garu told abt Lakshmi Kataksham(special prog) episode 4

Hi everyone!

Today sidhanthi garu continued the topic on how to get Shri Lakshmi kataksham.

You may have doubt from previous post that  Sidhanthi garu forgot to name sunday and gave instead 2 fridays.But it is not like that.We do have 2 fridays as per criteria.

What do we need:

1) we need a PARROT GREEN wool abt 2 mts.

2) Now take wool that is enough to tie to your wrist as toram(kankanam).

3) Now take 5 lines(5 times) the thread which is  the size of the wrist.Please see the video for clarification.

4) Unmarried people must tie 3 knots.First knot at centre and the other 2 either sides of the 1st knot.

5) Married people , widows or widower or divorced or old people must tie 5 knots.First knot at centre and the other 2 each on either sides of the 1st knot.

When we should prepare this:

1) Prepare this thoram on friday.  This friday should be before Poornima.

What to do next:

1) Place this woollen thread on any 1 of the elephant's trunk(see 7th June post for matter on elephants)on friday before Poornima.

2) On Friday after Poornima,  remove it and tie it to your right hand.

3) Keep this tied green thoram on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

4) On Thursday evening remove it and drop it on small trees around your house.


1) You can make as many thorams as the number of family members.

2) But children should complete 12 yrs to tie this thoram.

When  can we see the effects: 

After doing this remedy just 5 months you'll find the difference in financial matters.

what are the  effects and differences we can observe:

Unknown sadness will be eradicated.

Unknown tension will be removed.

You'll find change in the way you think.

When you speak , you can observe the change in the way you speak the language skillfully.

When you live and lead your daily life with others and observe the change in their behaviour and attitute.

You can observe the change in eating habits as well.

Suppose accidently:

After tying this knot unfortuanately you met with an accident then it doesn't mean that its all because tying this knot only.Its absolutely wrong.Have faith in god and do this remedy.

How long one has to do this remedy:

Do this as long as you can.

Can we do on these days:

On grahanams(eclipses), Shukra moudhyami, adhika masam, ashada masam soonya masam, pushya masam soonya masam, bhadra pada soonya masam

When we shouldn't do:

Women who have monthly periods should avoid tieing the green woollen thread to their wrist.

So today is the last day on special programme on Lakshmi Kataksham.But sidhanthi garu will tell some small tips regarding Lakshmi devi anugraham in middle of all days.So keep tuning in for Bhakthi channel everyday from 7:30 am to 8:00am.

On 15th June occurs a Full Lunar eclipse in Dhanus rashi.It starts in Vrushchika rashi. So it starts in Jhestha nakshatra and ends in Moola nakshatra. This eclipse and an another eclipse which occurs in this decade has close links.

How does this effect us?

Every man who lives on this planets have so many qualities in them.Some are  cruel, kind hearted, lovable, intense and mad. Some people have good qualities and some have bad. And some people are in between these two.So how this eclipse has its effect on good, medium and bad qualities will be told tomorrow.
This grahanam and a special and rare pancha graha kutami( 5 planets gathering at 1 place) have very close relationship.In which Ketu plays a major role.

All these details will be told tomorrow.

Only pregnant ladies need to stay home but can move around at home.Anyway it is at night time we all will be fast asleep at that time.

Ok people done for 2day.Bye

Grahabalam 8th June 2011 Gargeya garu told abt... by madhurikiranmai



  2. Hello Rajendra Prasad garu!

    I'm just doing a very small bit from my part. Thanks a lot for appreciating though really means a lot.Plz pass this blog link to everyone u know so they wud also benefit from this astrological treasure as u might have noticed i'm translating the videos in english.

  3. Hi Maduri,

    Really very thankful to you, as we r not having power on these imp message dates,as we r following all the episodes daily we thought we would miss the information, but we have got it through you.

    We are from Bangalore.


  4. Hi Raghu garu!

    Ur most welcome.I've created this blog solely for that purpose only.It gives me immense joy that i cud help u'll.


  5. madhuri garu,

    sure, i will pass to every body i knows, you are translating in English, it will be helpful to every body,i request every body who are know about it to pass the their friends

  6. Hello rajendraprasad garu!

    Thanq.That's very nice of u.It wud really help everyone around the world.


  7. Good job madhuri garu keep it up

  8. Hello Swaminath garu!

    Thank u.

  9. Madhuri Gaaru
    Namasthe. Like you, I am also passionate about Astrology and visited n number of Astrologists through out the country but none were as lucid as Shri Gargeya gaaru. He should be really congratulated and appreciated for doing this yeoman service for the cause of better humanity and human society. And speaking about you you are equally doing a great job in updating the site in a very meaningful way and as clearly as possible. So even if one missed the show on TV now they have a resort. Kudos to you Ma'am. I have also prepared certain texts out of what I heard from gargeya gaaru from the begining, which I am more than willing to share. If you can give me your mail id I shall send the attachment or if you can tell me how to post here I shall do accordingly. I'll follow your instructions accordingly. My mail id is My name is Turlapati hanumantha Rao.


  10. Namasthe Hanumantha Rao garu!

    Ya, that true Gargeya garu is doing a great service for humanity.I think we are lucky and blessed to have him in our time.Thank u very much for appreciating my efforts, it really means a lot.Actually i'm spell bound by ur comments.

    U r more than welcome Sir.I'll be more than happy if u can send the texts to me.I'm glad u wish to share it with others.Thanks a million on behalf of everyone."Thanks" seems small word for the effort u have done to put the texts on paper from begining. Kudos to u as well.

    Thanks again


  11. Namaste MadhuriGaru,
    Thank You so much for what you are doing. Just one word 'thanks' is not enough. When I visited Bharath, I used to watch Gargeyagari program an dbecame great fan of him. After coming back to US, I felt very sad that I miss his program. But you filled that gap with this blog.

    Could you please tell me about elephants (like what type, which directions,what should be made up of) which Gargeyagaru referred in Lakshmikataksham episode 4. I coyuld not find that in his 3rd or other episodes.


  12. Hello Jyothi garu!

    Ur most welcome.Ya, i can understand how u might have felt when u missed your fav program.That's the reason i started this blog in the first place.
    I'm very happy to hear that i cud help people like u.Really means so much to me.Plz pass this blog link to others like u, so they cud also benefit from this blog.
    U can get the info on elephants in 4th June(episode 2).

    If u have any other doubts then lat me know?

  13. madhuri garu can u tell me where can i find the picture of lakshmi devi in complete white sari and having the two elephants on either side... plz help me out


  14. Hello Grandi garu!

    I've searched the entire net for the picture of goddess lakshmi but usually we find Saraswathi devi in complete white dress.But i'll try and let u know 2morrow.



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