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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Grahabalam 21st May 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt 5 Mukhyamaina rojulu(special days) in May episode 6


Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt 5 very Important days in May and what pooja and deeksha we have to do to taste success in life.

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Special pooja process details: For 40 days

Pooja process for 40days will start on 27th June(Hanumath Jayanthi) and ends on 4th July(Skanda Panchami).

 1) At what time this pooja has to be done: Before 10:00am only.

2) People who want to do the deeksha for 40 days should also do the pooja on 5th day, 21st day both  in morning and evening timings.

3) Process of pooja for 21 days:

a) Get the white sqaured kerchief with swasthik mark on it.

b) On white swathik marked kerchief, keep a very dried coconut kuridi( I'll let u know later).Keep a pauspu mudda beside that kuridi(turmeric plump).

4) Nivedana(Offering): Offer pure honey daily compulsorily.  First day if u want to give other nivedyam like pongali or payasam can also be offered.

5 Offering: Offer coconut on the first and last day.

6) what one has to read: If possible and have time,try to read each name 108 times.It not even add upto 1000 names.Or read atleast 40 times.

 7) On the 21st day(16th June), which is the next day after total Lunar eclipse so should take care. Compulsorily have to place a darbha on the white kerchief and  another darbha on dried coconut kuridi having turmeric mudda.

8) Have some doubt which i'll clear tomorrow. points 8,9.and 10 so return again to this blog again.

9) On 21st day, the honey which you offer should be first given to that woman then only you should take.

10) If you have no one to call or live in a place where no one believes all this can store their honey and 2th, 3th, 5th or 10th day, u can call anyone you admire or respect and do paada namaskar.After first offering the honey to her  then only you ahould take.

 IMP NOTE: Women should make sure that their monthly periods won't come in your way.If they think the periods are coming in between then don't do it.

ok c u all tomorrow

Grahabalam 21st May 2011 Abt 5 very special days... by madhurikiranmai


  1. hi madhuri, regards, Iam Radhika from Secunderabad. Kindly clarify the following doubts : in 5 day pooja, whether we have to change water, mango leaves in Kalasam every day or can use it for 5 days. Whether honey offered in 1st day only to give a lady first or all the five days ? If we could not get a lady for the five days, can we put honey in a bottle and offer it later ?

  2. Hello Radhika!

    No, u shouldn't change the water or leaves.It should be for 5 days.U need to offer the honey especially on the last day(5th for u) evening as ur pooja will finish on 5th day evening.If u want to give the lady all 5 days also its ok but last day evening u MUST give offer honey,flowers and fruits as well. Ya, if u can't get a lady u can save the honey and later give it a lady.

    ok happy worshipping.

  3. Hey Radhika! Plz look at the main page coz i'm updating some info abt 5 day pooja.

  4. Hi madhuri, my name is karuna can u pls tell me that parrot geen wool thoram for laksmi katasham should we do very month or any one month

  5. Hi Karuna!Ya, u should do it every month.Keep doing this and u'll find change in ur life as said by sidhanti garu.



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