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Monday, 18 April 2011

Grahabalam 18th April 2011- Mesha rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Hello readers!

Today Sidhanthi garu has told abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Since Ugadi Sidhanthi garu has postponing telling abt yearly rashi phalalu for each rashi.

Today it is abt MESHA RASHI


Earnings: 14

Expenditure: 2

Honor: 4

Dishonor: 5

Total planets are 9 and the important among them are 4 which are Shani, Guru, Rahu and Kethu.

Rahu and Kethu : This year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012) Rahu and kethu totally in their favour.All the good things in life would be given by Rahu and Kethu this year.

Shani: This year shani moves from Kanya rashi after Nov 16th. Shani would be unfavourable till Nov 16th because he is Suwarna murthy, but after that its unfavourable till end of the year.

Guru: One might think that as Guru is changing the rashi on may 8th. The effect would be the same if has come into the rashi or not.Guru is not favourable all the year.



1) For Ashwini nakshatra people all problems related to breathing would be cured.

2) For Bharani nakshatra people all problems related to thigh or minute nerves problems near the thigh would be cured.


1) For Ashwini, Bharani and Kruthika nakshatra new problem would arise which is related to leg or feet.If u find anything like that then immediately concern a Doctor.



Before Nov 16th, Mesha rashi people can go absolutely ahead with all marriage related issues like engagement or to look for bride or bridegroom.


But after Nov 16th, Mesha rashi people must think 1 to 100 times before proceeding with all the marriage related issues or any happy celebrations for that matter.

This year is good for mesha rashi people who are blind and dumb. Every month on Visakha, Anuradha and Jheshta nakshatra days must be avoided doing any work.Mark those nakshatras as red on the calender and avoid doing any important work as moon wud be in ashtama sthana at those times.This implies not only for this year but for life as well.

All specific dates:

July 29th to Sept 9th

All Mesha rashi people should be more careful from July 29th to Sept 9th in matters related brothers, property distribution, boundry, real estates, debt, enemy,credit cards, getting amt from the person borrowed it.

Oct 1st to 31st

This is the month where all mesha rashi people should be most attentive, concentrated, open eyed observing around, be informed in every aspect of life.

November 12th, 13th , 14th, 15th and last week

Becareful when purchasing gold, financial related, financial transcations, don’t make promises and be careful even when speaking with your dear friends,make sure bank balance is there and then issue cheque especially Bharani nakshatra prople must be more careful than the rest.

Married couples, lovers must also be very careful at those days.

Rahu and Kethu would give good unexpected results which have been pending for long time.

December 2nd to 24th

You might think you are ready with all your methodical calculations or preplanned while tackling a problem , be it would go under the rug and new issue rises. Be prepared for all the situations.

In Jheshta masam, Mesha rashi people must be more careful regarding issue related to marriage, House construction, Profession, Health, Business, vehicle because in 2nd sthana, in Rohini and Mrugasira nakshatras occurs a eclipse.Especially married women should very careful when speaking and married gents should think before speaking.

January and February

It feels like something wrong but nothing to worry.

Grahabalam 18th April 2011- Mesha rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

That’s it guys

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