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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Grahabalam 19th May 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt 5 Mukhyamaina rojulu(special days) in May episode 4

Hello everyone!

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt 5 very Important days in May and what pooja and deeksha we have to do to taste success in life.

Actually i cud get only half the video,had some prob.sorry for the inconvenience.Hope u'll understand.

Need help guys.Anyone who has whole video plz let me know, so i cud upload it.....

but i got whole audio.....

Here is the FULL audio file:  CLICK ME

 In Lalitha Sahasranamam, 8 names from 742th name to 749th name. These names would be read tomorrow for blind people.

Below are the 8 names of Lalitha Sahasranamam.

Demonstration of swasthik marked white kerchief: Take the squared white cloth and fold the four corners into center so it would make a square inside again. Now apply swasthik mark inside the folded corners.As this is represents goddess Devi,we need to cover the  swasthik mark with four corners.On this swathik mark , u can should keep your monthly salary, reservation ticket, hall ticket or anything important atleast for 10 mts.Then it would be all good in our lives but gottu have faith and trust.

Special pooja process details:

1) At what time this pooja has to be done: Before 10:00am only.

2) But on 5th day the pooja has to be done in morning and in the evening as well.

NOTE: People who want to do the deeksha for 21 days should also do the pooja on 5th day both timings in morning and evening.

3) Process of pooja for 5 days:

a) Get the white sqaured kerchief with swasthik mark on it.

b) Keep a kalash or a photo on it.

4) Nivedana(Offering):  Pure honey only(compulsory).  First day if u want to give other nivedyam like pongali or payasam can also be offered.

5) what one has to read: If possible and have time,try to read each name 108 times.It not even add upto 1000 names.Or read atleast 40 times.

6)First day:  Coconut     and also  Last day: Coconut

7) 5th day evening also pooja have to be done after sunset as said earlier.So even its tuesday it doesn't matter.

8) On the 5th day(31st May tuesday) in the evening , after the pooja  call a muthaiduvu(married woman) and give her flowers, fruits and think of her as the goddess Lalitha parameshwari.Then do paada namaskaram( touch her feet and take blessings).Then give her flowers and fruits.

9) On 6th day, the honey which you offer should be first given to that woman then only you should take.

10) If you have no one to call or live in a place where no one believes all this can store their honey and 2th, 3th, 5th or 10th day, u can call anyone you admire or respect and do paada namaskar.Then first offer the honey to her then you take.

How the people who can't spell the sahasranamas well and who are not educated should read the names will be told tomorrow.

People who think that this is huge process, who can't do the big process only have a simple pooja process will also be told tomorrow.
Not everyone should follow the simple pooja.

Krishna angaraka chathurdashi vratha vidhanam(process):

1) There is a vratha vidhanam(process) for Krishna angaraka chathurdashi.The chaturdashi which comes before amavasya and on tueday then its called Krishna angaraka chaturdashi.

2) Who can do this vratham: People who have debt, health and enemy problems.

3) People who want to do this vratham also should get 2 kalashaas (1 Angaraka kalash and another Subramanya kalash saperately)

4) Take a red thread and tie it as thoram with 7 knots in it,And pray with red flowers in the evening.

Clarification of the Nagadosha remedy day in May:

As u might already know abt the Nagadosha remedy days which were first announced in April(7 days).Today Sidhanthi garu announced Nagadosha - pariharalu(remedies) days for May and June abt 3 days in total which was previously announced on 7th May 2011.

Check the video where these days where first announced here :CLICK ME

Nagadosha - Remedy(specific days and specific thithis only) 
(shad chakras bheejakshara parayanam) Shad chakra bheejakshara recitation mantra days

May 24th Tuesday[Dhanishta(surya) nakshatram is there from morning till evening]

June 15th Wednesday[Jhestha(Budha) nakshatram is there from morning till evening]

June 17th Friday[Poorvashada(Shukra) nakshatram is there from morning till evening]

But some people have expressed their thoughts of having another day in May on 26th.


During pushkara time, there won't be any marriages held in that area.And after pushkaras are over, first 3 thursdays if Poorva bhadra nakshatra occurs then we won't consider it.So 24th is only day in this month for nagadosha remedy shad chakra recitation days.

Ok done translating guys.

Grahabalam 19th May 2011 Abt 5 very special days... by madhurikiranmai

I'll update the post little later.

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