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Friday, 29 July 2011

Grahabalam 29th July 2011- Abt ashada saiyamsandhya deepaaradhana(Ritual for tomorrow evening),remedy for drinking addicts and more

Hi everyone!

  • Today sidhanthi garu told abt ashada sayamsandhya deepaaradhana (litting a deepa stand in the evening) which is tomorrow(30th July 2011).
  • And also abt absolute thithi , nakshatra timings for today and tomorrow for India,US and London.
  •  And gave a tip for drinking addicts.

Tomorrow is Ashada Amavasya.It occurs every year.But this year its special because it has occured  25 yrs back.  Back then It occured in Prabhava nama samvastharam  (telugu  year) ashada amavasya, pushyami nakshatra, saturday.Usually Ashada amavasya occurs in Pushyami or Ashlesha nakshatra.Pushyami is Shani's nakshatra. It was in the year 1987 on July 27th  when the same occured.

When Ashada amavasya  saturday occurs in pushyami nakshatra ,not only for Karkataka rashi people have something to cheer about but for all  27 nakshatras.

As we all know about Deepa Sthambam of different sizes.Some people may have them at homes.Usually you may see them in huge inauguration functions where CM or Governor would lit the deepam.

Well if you don't have deepa sthambam then get an ordinary deepam even mud deepam(made of mud) and lit on 5 corners with 2 vathulu (wicks)each.

What to do tomorrow's (30th July 2011) evening:

1) Similarly get all the old or new brass deepa sthambam and wash it thoroughly.

2) But we need only one deepa sthambam for tomorrow.

3) As you al know there are 5 corners for deepa sthambam.

4) So  lit 5 pair of vathulu(wicks) in each corner.

Q) Why 5 corners?

A) The four cardinal directions are 1.East; 2. West; 3. North; and 4. South. The intermediate (intercardinal, or ordinal) directions are 5.Eesanya(north-east), 6.Agneya (south-east), 7.Vayuvya (north-west), 8.Niruthi (south-west) and 2 more directions are 9.Ordharam (Sky) and 10. Adham(Earth).
In total there are 10 directions so we take 10 vathulu(wicks).As told in Mahanyasa, no problems should occur from all 10 directions. If even problem arises then let this deepam get it resolved by these 10 wicks.

Which oil do we need to use:

Cow ghee, coconut or sesame seed oil.Any oil for that matter.

Where to lit the deepam and what to do:

You can lit the deepam anywhere in the house but make sure you show the light to all the corners of the house tomorrow evening.Make sure you show the deepam in all 10 directions as mentioned above.As you go to each direction hust offer namaskarams and if u can get any pandit and make him read mantra for each direction.After showing the light in all corners,then place it in pooja mandir or anywhere you like.


Do small sweet balls using White sesame seeds and sugar or sesame seed payasam . Specifically tomorrow evening decorate the deepa sthambam with flowers and offer the nivedana where ever you lit the deepam first.
The Deepa sthambaradana  is actually called Ashada Amavasya sayamsandhya deepa sthambaradhana.

Remedy for drinking Addicts:

Do the same remedy as Shukra-Kuja conjunction for those whose spouses are drinking addicts.Then you can see the change in them for sure.

On Tuesday :  Sidhanthi garu got very emotional hearing a caller say that her husband and daughter visit hospital every ghadia(24mts) meaning every half an hour.So sidhanthi garu will tell a divya aushadam(medicine) which is related to Astrology and Ayurved studies with all his expertise on tuesday.

So keep watching Grahabalam Live show everyday.
c u 2morrow.

Here is the audio file:     MEDIAFIRE       OR       MEGAUPLOAD

Watch HERE :   YOUTUBE     OR

29th July 2011- Abt ashada saiyamsandhya... by madhurikiranmai


  1. Hi Madhuri Garu,
    Thank You very much for positing the show details everyday.
    I have a question about the Ashada Deeparadhan. We are in a Puriti Maila at this point(there was a birth in the family a week ago). Can I do the deeparadhana. Please advice.

  2. Hello Sri!

    So sorry for replying u late.Coz i cudnt ask sidhanthi garu yesterday abt ur doubt as he was busy.
    Ur most welcome. Hopefully u've found ur answer.


  3. Hi Madhuri garu,

    I want to know if I can download and save episodes of grahabalam on a regular basis. Mainly for reference.

    I really appreciate all your support.

    Best regards

  4. Hello Sri garu!

    Yes sure.Actually i will be uploading all the videos at one place then u can download it all.
    ur most welcome.

  5. where is the episode of reply to that lady for drink addicts ???can anyone post the remedy of drink addicts video ?

  6. Hi Orchidladiee!

    U can plz check the Blog Index for the drinking addicts remedy.Let me u know if u got it later.




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