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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Grahabalam 23rd April 2011 – Kanya rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Hi everybody!


Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt KANYA RASHI.


Earnings: 11

Expenditure: 8

Honor: 5

Dishonor: 4

Rahu and Kethu : Since the start of the year to the end of the year, Rahu and Kethu are as Loha murthies.So Rahu and Kethu will give minus points.

Shani: This year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012) Shani is not favourable at all.Till Nov 15th Shani graha is Loha murthy and after it is Tamara murthy. So Shani is unfavourable for whole year.

Guru: Till May 8th Guru is tamara murthy after may 8th Guru is again tamara murthySo Guru is also unfavourable for whole year.


Kanya rashi people may suffer hair loss. Either they could give their hair to god as promised or actual hair loss.Calmness reduces in Kanya rashi people.Even calm people may show they anger at times.There would be mentally handicappedness most times.So move on with their life with proper thinking.Physical strength may also get reduced. There could be increase of ear pain. Chances of getting respiratory problems are more.There could be some pain in left/right shoulder.And also should take more care on knees.

All people who used to speak nicely before may not talk because of graha’s aspect.Food comfort would be less.There could be some tension between Uncle(mother’s brother) and nephew/niece so should be careful.


Unmarried people will have success with vivaha yogam but it will move forward with some problems.


House wives will have a lot of rest.Working and business ladies will have opportunity to take rest for the remaining months except from Aug to Nov.

All specific dates:

April 25th to May 10th

Married couples must have patience.

July 20th to Sept 20th

You may find some physical faults in the body.There could be mental and physical strain,so avoid thinking too much.

August 8th to Sept 9th

All the job holders, students , business people, politicians, agriculturers, house wives or labours must take proper care in their work.They could find some find some faults in the job they do.There could even be mental and physical strain.So these two reasons are interlinked. So balancing both the problems and moving forward is most important and that should be considered from today onwards.


Take much care regarding family decisions. The head of the family should observe and think how and what decisions they are taking,where are the faults. In November,take care in all matters related to family which may be children, spouse or financial.Keep them to yourself or maintain secrecy,don’t tell anyone.Reveal the thoughts in DECEMBER month only.

November (Last week) to December (1st week)

Don’t go on yatra or travel far places.If you have to go, then take a lot of care.

December 5th to 25th

Be careful in brother related, wealth distribution among brothers.

January 26th to Feb last

Take proper care towards health and be under doctor’s supervision. Take a general check up compulsoryly.So spare some time and money for that purpose.

January( From Sankranthi to Shivarathri)

Financial transactions, family, speech related, promises must be more careful. Their fond of gold would increase. If they wish to havelots of gold which is not possible but atleast they have good situations as they could welcome some gold.

In may, there is important arishta graha sthithi (planetory situations). Important 5 days are coming for all rashi people to perform pooja and homa process which is very rare.How the planetory situations could effects us and the remedies to get out the effect.So it would be explained in future episodes.

About Guru Moudyami: when does Guru Moudyami end today?

Today 12:45 pm Revathi nakshatra 3rd Pada, east direction as Guru rises so ends the Guru Moudyami.

What is tomorrow and why is it auspicious?

Tomorrow is auspicious day.Tomorrow is Sunday,Uttarashada nakshatra and its adipathi is also Sun.Tomorrow’s thithi is Sapthami and as you’ll might already got acqainted with this day(doing Nagadosham-remedies on specific days).And it also related to Sun. So tomorrow we have Sun’s thithi, day and nakshatra.So its Surya thriyam(means 3) or thrisuryam.And also till tomorrow afternoon there is Sidhi yogam.So this day is favourable for some Sidha purushas.

If anyone wishes for anything this day is useful.So as soon as sunrises with all your faith,heart and devotion pray to Sun god.Read Aditya Hrudayam.Lit a deepam outside the house in balcony or varanda in a way that the sunrays has to fall on deepam. If possible go to Navagraha temple and pray surya god, lit deepam and do 7 pradikshanas.

I’m done folks. C u’ll tomorrow.

Grahabalam 23rd April 2011 - Kanya rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai


  1. hey madhuri :)tis is vijaya prabhakar .. congrats for ur new blog :)

  2. hey did u get 2 know abt d panchagamu ? i badly need it 2 follow d tips :(

  3. Hello Prabhakar garu!
    Thanks u.And sorry to say that i have no info abt that.Even i need the panchangamu badly.I'll let u know as soon i get any info.



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