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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Grahabalam 29th April 2011 - Tula rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Hi everyone!
Nice to greet u all and blog after break.
Sidhanthi garu will tell about Ganga Pushkaralu and what we should do ......will all be explained on monday 2nd MAY.

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt TULA RASHI.


Earnings: 8

Expenditure: 11

Honor: 1

Dishonor: 7

Rahu and Kethu :
Rahu and Kethu are unfavourable the whole year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012

Shani is not favourable till Nov 16th.After Nov 16th Shani is favourable.

Guru: GURU is favourable this year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012.

All specific dates:

From TODAY to MAY 3rd

Don't go near the sea and be far from sea as the water may rise more than usual.

May 10th to June 20th

Married couples need to be careful especially married TULA rashi women.Be patient.

June 16th to 26th

Take health related decisions.

Sept 9th to 19th

Make sure you resolved all the tension and fights at home.

June 20th to July 28th

Should take more care in all the daily aspects from waking in the morning till you go to sleep.

July 28th to Sept 9th(Not favourable)

Should take more care in matters in father related decisions,father related wealth or behaviour of father related relatives.

August 8th to 21st

Take proper and more care regarding financial matters, taken the amount or lend the amount.Should be very careful and cautious and don't give surety, if you took loan from bank, draw the amount from credit card or purchased items through credit card.

From Oct 31st till the end of the year

Unmarried rashi people have vivah yoga. From oct 31st, the tula rashi people who are preparing to get married and who have decided the muhurat should take even more care.Tula rashi people must be careful in their married life, while you are speaking with other person, don't abuse,don't get into fights.Concern a doctor immediately if you have any small problems related to eye and teeth.
OCTOBER whole month should be very carefull in all aspects

November 3rd to 11th

Don't get worried unnecessarily.Try to reduce your tensions.

December 5th to Jan 25th

Shani is going to favour and is ready to give favourable results.

December 11,12 and 13th

Be careful as you can get betrayed by your friend or else you could betray a friend so be as far as you can from friends which can damage your relationship.So take proper care in that regard.

December 27th to Feb 11th

Take lot of care regarding house related to house,education, profession, health, business and vehicle.People who want to buy a vehicle should till Feb 11th.And should increase their thinking power to withstand the pressure from higher authorities at work.


January (Tuesday just before SANKRANTHI)

Don't wear white dress at all.

Febrauary 24th

Don't wear green dress on this day.

March 5th, 6th and 7th

Swathi nakshatra people should take more care regarding financial matters.Chitta nakshatra 1,2 pada people should take more care regarding family matters.Visakha nakshatra 1,2,3 pada people should take more care regarding children matters.

Ok guys.I'm done translating............c u 2morrow.

Grahabalam 29th April 2011 - Tula rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

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