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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Grahabalam - 17th March 2011 Nagadosha - Remedies Special (Episode 5)

Hello everybody!

Nagadosha No 2: Kuja - guru conjunction in any rashi  &  

Nagadosha No 3: Shukra - Kuja conjunction in any rashi - Their remedies.

Today is the continuation of  Nagadosham - remedies episode 5

2) Kuja - guru conjunction in any rashi is nagadosham No 2

Mesha, Vrishabha,  Mithuna,  Karkataka,   Simha,  Kanya, Tula,  Vrischika, Dhanu,  Makara,   Kumbha and Meena.

a) How long one has to do this remedy: 21 months.

If u miss a month nothing happens, do it the next month. The months we have done and the coming months will be counted.The count doesn't get lapsed ,it will be counted like in a reserve bank.

Effects: On children,  serious fights between couples which sometimes lead to murders, debts issues.

b) Which day to start: 

From Poornima  and before  amavasya  take first Thursday. After Poornima(In krishna paksham).But don't take poornima thursday(Poornima which is thrusday)

c) What to do:

* Get a new yellow cotton cloth of  rectangle shape.

* Take a fistful of Kandulu (red gram), keep it in yellow cloth and tie a
knot.Now take a ragi vessel and drop the red knotted cloth in it.

* Take  good sweet  jaggery(not salty) and prepare panakam(#see description in previous post) which is traditional recipe made for Sri Rama Navami.

* Drop a small elachi(with or without shell) into it.

* Now pour the panakam into the Kalasham(ragi vessel), cover it with another ragi lid and keep it aside.

*Next day which is Friday morning,remove the cloth from panakam and untie the knot.Throw the red gram and panakam far anywhere outside in a lake or in bathroom.But don't throw the grains in the bathroom, it  stucks.

*Now the kerchief should be dried in sun.

*On Saturday morning fold the kerchief into small(square) and put some
camphor on it.

*Put a karpooram(camphor) on it and lit fire utill it burnt totally(make sure its totally burnt).U'll get ash at last.Add a 1/2  spoon of  coconut oil.Ur ashed oil ready.

d)Who'll should keep as tilak: 
I have a doubt so  i'll clarify first and then post it later.

@IMP  who’ll can do: People who has  Kuja - guru conjunction in any rashi and having these problems couples who doesn’t have children, people who are not married yet, fights among married couples, financial troubles,debt problems,children problems,children who don't grow up to be worthy,children who have left home (parents can do), court problems etc etc  can't name them,they are so many.  People having any problem can do this.

If the parents check the horoscopes of their young children and see this kuja - guru conjunction,they can start doing it as early as possible.It will remove the  effects or impact.

If younsters who are already 18yrs and are retarted(or not normal) start doing this remedy.If hes hitting with sticks,he stop hitting and would realize that he has done wrong.So its reduced impact.

e) when should one must keep this tilak:
As we started the process on thursday,friday and the tilak is ready on Saturday.Start keeping the tilak on from Sunday onwards.Keep this tilak till the  next month before day (thursday after poornima) ie wednesday.

f) IMP Note:
If the tilak is over even before the day, stay calm and do nothing. If  the tilak is left ,then throw it away.But don't used the tilak after Amavasya.The power will lost after wednesday

g) Repeat the same process for 21 months.

But for all this to work u need to have faith. Faith is God.

Do this remedy and u'll see how nagadosham is totally uprooted from ur life and will never effect u during any shani period. Nagdoasham would  be a total shutdown.

3) Shukra - Kuja conjunction in any rashi is nagadosham No 3

They are neither enemies nor friends.They are equals.

EX:          They should be like railway tracks parallel to each other. If they meet, then the train  is derailed. If the train travels at high speed,then whole train meets an accident. If the train travels at low speed,then only engine gets damaged.If theyg et to know about meeting tracks just before hitting the track,then 4 bogies gets damaged.

As per astrology,  Kuja planet has 3 drishtis which are 4th,7th and 8th drishti. If Shukra is here and Kuja is there u might think they didn't meet so u have no problem. Its true they didn't but if Kuja drishti is there then there is certain effect.

In so many horoscopes ,both the grahas are in same house but there is some variation.Shukra in 1 nakshata padam and Kuja is in another nakshatra padam.They'll be some difference  in few degrees.If that's the case, you need not worry.

If Shukra is in 4th place from Kuja even then we shouldn't conclude that its dosham.where in the 4th place also need to be checked.

1 drishti = 30 degrees.Most of the pandits also get this wrong and that's how?

Ex:        When you run a bike with just 20ml petrol, it'll runs for 2kms and stops. OR if u just push the bike by  foot for about 150 feet and then run the bike then obviously it'll stop after 2kms and 150 feets which we have covered walking.

Similarly in astrology,  Kuja 1st drishti is at 30 degrees , 2nd drishti is at 60 degrees, 3rd drishti is ar 90 degrees, 4th drishti is at 120 degrees.If Shukra is at kuja's drishti of 120 degrees then there will be problem.So these minor details are also need to be checked when reading a horoscope.

Effects:  Cancellation of marriages after engagement,  Cancellation of marriages  at nick of time(in 1 hr ), Cancellation of marriages even just before the sacred ritual of tieing the knot ,  delay of marriage,  misunderstandings among couples, quarels among the couples, suspicions which leads to killing , Sexual related problems etc etc.

Before that we should know in which rashi  is Shukra-kuja conjunction in a horoscope.we have 12 rashi's which are Mesha, Vrishabha,  Mithuna,  Karkataka,   Simha,  Kanya, Tula,  Vrischika, Dhanu,  Makara,   Kumbha and Meena rashis.

If Shukra-kuja conjunction is in Kanya rashi, its neecha sthana for Shukra. The remedy varies.

If Shukra-kuja conjunction is in Karkataka rashi, its neecha sthana for Kuja. The power will be less but effect will be there. Remedy varies again.

If Shukra-kuja conjunction is in Makara rashi, its Uchcha sthana for Kuja. Kuja's nature is ferocious.  The remedy varies.

If Shukra-kuja conjunction is in Meena rashi, its Uchcha  sthana for Shukra. The remedy varies.

And remedies when the planets(Shukra-Kuja) conjunction is in the remaining rashi's all varies.

IMP:  Some people might say that my daughter is already 28 yrs, ready to get married and if we start doing this remedy now when should we get her married.

OR  couples who are already married and facing problems can immediately start the remedy. If these people start doing this remedy in about 4 to 5 months you could see some better effects.

OR some people might say this process is long and hard to follow. Just tell us easy way out of these problems caused by Shukra - Kuja conjunction. Yes, its Shushka  narikela  homam. Homam is done in five cornered homa gundam with dried coconuts in the evening.Sidhanthi garu will tell it in coming episodes.

What one must make sure you find them near your house : 

Even if its 10 kms far from your house also its ok. Just find the trees.

Jilledu chettu ( Gigantic swallow wort tree) (black or white)

Vepa chettu (neem tree)  we use this tree  in 22nd  month.

Honey(absolutely pure)

How long one has to do this remedy: 21 months.

VV IMP Note:    Make sure you do all the 21 months completely. Some people might be ready to go foreign countries, then please don't do the remedy. Parents can't do this on behalf of their children.

Remedy:  Sidhanthi garu will tell the remedy in coming episodes.

GB 17-3- 2011 (Special Episode) Nagadosham -... by madhurikiranmai

GB 17-3-11 (Special Episode) Nagadosham -... by madhurikiranmai

ok byeeee


  1. Hello Madhuri Garu,

    Your efforts in building up this blog are very highly appreciated. You have already become very successful and will become more successful with this blog.

    I am Anil and I have been following this blog from past 4 months and the blog has been very useful to me (whenever I miss the episode).

    Hope this good work will bring in good favor and fortune to you and your family.

    I need a favor from you. If you know or if Siddhanthi garu has ever told about the remedies of 'Sani and Keethu' in conjunction, pls do let me know.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,

  2. Namasthe Anil garu!
    Thank you very much for appreciating. I'm overwhelmed by your comments.Really means a lot to me.
    I hope and wish to continue doing this and spread our vedic astrology to every corner of the world and help others benefit from it as well.
    Thanks a lot once again for your well wishes.
    Ya sure. As of my knowledge, I don't think Sidhanthi garu has told abt "Sani and Kethu" conjunction.I'll let you know, if he had.


  3. Hi Madhuri Garu,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Today i called Sidhanthi garu's assistant on 9348032385. It rang four times. no one answered the call. Later on it was enagaged. Hope someone picks it up :)


  4. Hi Anil garu!
    Ur welcome.keep trying ur call will be answered for sure.All the best.


  5. hi sir a very good evening its very helpfully program which helps in unknowing knowlege also cami in knowlegde way by very simple simpl tips but its my requst that to change time of d program pls sir so that it become more more easy

  6. Hello Sreebala garu!
    I'm madhuri. As sidhanthi garu already made it clear in the TV that its not possible to change the timings of the program.




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