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Monday, 16 May 2011

Grahabalam 16th May 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt 5 Mukhyamaina rojulu(special days) in May to do pooja/deeksha - 1st kalasha pooja ep1


Today Sidhanthi garu told abt 5 very Important days in May and what pooja and deeksha we have to do to taste success in life.
I'm so excited and happy to upload today's video and updating it as well.

In Lalitha sahasranama sthotram 143rd slokas(2 lines).Keep this names written aside.

As mentioned in Bruhat Jatakam, in this universe everyone are stuck in samsarika chakra( family circle).So they have 8 avasthaas. These 8 avasthaas are what we see in horoscope from Lagna(1st house) to Ashtama sthana(8th house).

The 8 avasthaas are as follows:

1) Sharira bhavam (Physical related):

2) Kutumbam (Family):

3) Sodarudu (Brotherhood):

4) Banduvulu (Relatives):

5) Santanam (Children):

6) Rogalu and Shathruvulu (Deseases and enemies):

7) Bhaarya, Bhartha(Wife and husband):

8) Maranam (Death):

Whereas 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th are as follows

9) Pithru (Father): which comes under 2nd avasthaa Kutumbam(Family).

10) Dinacharya (Administration): which occurs in 4th house(relatives) so it reflects there.

11) Laabha sthana(Profit): which already comes under 2nd and 4th houses.

12) Karchu sthana( Expenditure)

Eventhough there are 12 houses altogether , all the needed karakathavaas are in first 8 houses itself.

as told by Bruhat Jatakam.

All the 8 bhavas as told in Jyothisya shasthra and 8 kaarathathvaas told in bruhat jataka and how these are interlinked and mirrored in Lalitha sahasranamam names?

Those 5 most important days are as follows:

On May 27th Hanumath(vayu puthra's) Jayanthi

On May 31st Krishna angaaraka(Kuja) chathurdashi

When you add these days including the days in between we'll get 5 days.

One can do this pooja process for 5 days, or take as deeksha for 21 days or 40 days.

If you want to do pooja for 5 days then what is the process and offerings . Impotantly women who go through monthly periods can decide to take this pooja.

If u want to take up as deeksha for 21 days which ends on June 16th(moola nakshatra).

If u want to take up as deeksha for 40 days which ends on July 5th (Skanda panchami).

So here there is a link between Bhuputhra(Kuja), Skanda panchami(Subramanya swamy) and Vayu putra(Lord Hanuman) which would be told in coming 2 or 3 days.

Why we have to do this pooja or take up as deeksha?

As we already know of 3 eclipses in next 2 months and especially total Lunar eclipse on June 15th and also the effects of it 10 days before and after the eclipse.So in order to overcome the faults in all 8 kaarathathvaas we have the most precious nighantuvu(dictionary).

2 lines of 143 slokas of Lalitha Sahasranama sthothram....

Bhavadava sudhavrusthihi paparanya davanala
Daorbhagya tula vatula jaradhvanta raviprabha......... 143th sloka of 2 lines

1) Bhavadava sudhavrusthihi

This is the 1st kaarathathva as told in Bruhat Jatakam.

Bhavamu -(we are stuck in family fire break, to deflame it we need water(sudhavrushthih).We need devi's anugraham(blessings) to achieve that.

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 1st kaarathathva is spread in 4th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 1st name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

2) paparanya davanala

This is the 2nd kaarathathva as told in Bruhat Jatakam.

Every person in world earns money but most importantly he does some papam(sin) in his life time which is nothing but sins of forest.So to eliminate this sins of forest we need fire(davanala).We need devi's anugraham(blessings) to achieve that.

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 2nd kaarathathva is spread in 2nd sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 2nd name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

This is very very rare ocassion.Even the astrology pandits can look or turn their pages back will not find it anywhere near.

The occurring of 3 Eclipses in sequence, occurring of total lunar eclipse in moola nakshatra for maximum time and before that this kind of graha sthithi(planetory situation),connected to Kuja graha,occurence of 21st day which is moola nakshatra, 41st day which is Skanda panchami, if someone want to do till 40days and on 41st day they can arrange bhojanam( lunch) for 10 or more people,that 41st day would be Kumara shashti.

So from starting to end in 40 days, 40 nakshatras will come and go by.

People who are born on particular nakshatra,in these 40 days when that nakshatra day occurs how to specially pray Goddess Lalitha Devi.

How to pray goddess Lalitha devi with 8 karakathvaas as told in bruhat jatakam along with the 8 names of Lalitha devi?what are the offerings and the timings to do the pooja will all be explained in next episodes.

So don't let go of this precious opportunity to pray the Goddess .Lets make full use of this change which will never come in ou life time.

That's it guys.C u tomorrow.

Grahabalam 16th May 2011 Abt 5 very special days... by madhurikiranmai


  1. maduri garu plz up date gruhabalam vastu remedies ( etv 7:50am program )

  2. Hello G.V Surenddra garu!
    I didn't get u actually...U want the updation of other program airing on ETV?Plz correct me if i'm wrong.

  3. Hello,
    Madhuri garu i liked the way u posted all these things in a well pleasant manner.
    But let me knoe the doubts regarding the 5 days pooja
    Whether u have to put water in kalasa or not?
    when should one prepare swasthick mark ?
    where should the kalsam be placed?
    what must be done if there is no place in pooja mandhir?
    PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS let me know lal the above mentioned things.
    becase 27th is arriving and i have to get ready for all those things
    Waiting for u r reply.
    Phani Babu

  4. Hello Sowji garu!
    I've clarified ur doubt in the Home page.

  5. hello sir im sushma i want to knw about 5 days pooja

  6. Hello Sushma garu!

    U can have a look at header special page under "Special Kalasha Pooja" for all the details.Hope u'll find it.

  7. hi madhuri my name is sruthi i want to know that the above said pooja can be done other days if so when shud we start it again. can u plzz let me know if possible....

  8. Hi sruthiz!

    Ya, u can do the pooja again which sidhanthi garu will announce on TV or i'll let u know later.There is still time may be in Sept i guess, not sure.

  9. Nameste Madhrui garu, please tell the actual time to perform the kalasa puja on 25-10-2011

    Akella Satya Srinivas

  10. Hello Srinivas garu!

    Time to perform the kalasa puja on 25-10-2011
    Between 5:00pm to 7:00pm ONLY.To be precise 1 hr before sunset and 1 hr after sunset.

  11. maduri garu
    please inform where can I found Lalitha Sahasra Namalu from 475 to 523 in the net

    Lakshmi Kanth Rao



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