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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Grahabalam 19 Feb 2011 Nagadosha - Remedies Special (Episode 3) who know and don't know nakshatrams(Mouna Vratham) part 3

Hi all!

Today was continuation of yesterday's pariharams.

3.This problem is related to 5th bhava

Children related: No children yet, abortions, still borns, handicapped children, children leave their home,children not well settled in life, children not listening to parents, when parents try to talk to child he would be angry and he would be ready to beat them up, children not in successful path, children get involved in murder cases.

4.This problem is formed by clubbing all three which are 1st, 6th and 12th bhava

a) Debts    b) Enemies   c) Losses   d) Weaknesses  e)No physical rest at all         f) Health issues  g) Internal or mental tensions h) Expenditure

Tension in heart for no reason at all and get B.P inturn, mental weakness, mental thinking and tensions,physical weakness, health oroblems, unnecessary expenditure,take amount as debt, give amount as debt will not be returned, if we get debt then we’re presurrized to increase the rate of interest, all debt problems, enemy problems, murder cases knowingly or unknowingly, murder related or enemy related warnings, bankrupcy problems, burglary at home, losses.

5.This problem is formed by clubbing all four which are 3rd, 8th, 9th and 11th bhava

a) Brothers   b) Father    c) Longetivity    d) Profit

Family Quarrels with Brothers, Sisters , border issues between siblings, Real estate problems between blood related brothers or made brothers , partnership quarrels, Ashtamasthana related which is  (Aayu sthanam) Longetivity like wether one has quarter life, half life, or full life, will be successful in business or not, earn very well or will die without doing anything, relation with father or quarrels with father.

Every one has the same remedy but the difference lies in the direction you sit in to do the japa.

What one need to do for the japa:  

a) Get a white and Black towels.

b) Try to sit Padmasan, if you can't the sit as you feel comfortable, older people who
complain about knee pain sit on a chair.

c) Before sitting first lay black cloth lay white cloth over the black on the sitting place or
chair. And then sit on both the cloths.

d) Close your eyes and the do the japa having faith.

At what time one has to do the japa:      Do it between 8:00 am to 8:30 am ONLY. Do atleast 15 minutes.If you do longer also
its not wrong. No offering of any sort

Remedy for problem 3: All categories can do this remedy.Even unmarried people can do this remedy.

IMP NOTE:  All ages till 30 yrs  and running 3o yrs - Face towards EAST

31 yrs to  till 48 yrs               - Face towards NORTH

49 yrs and above                  - Face towards WEST

Sit as per direction told above. You can pray your ishtadiva and say the mantra. Now the Japa:   OM RAM HAM LAM

Remedy for problem 4: All categories can do this remedy.

Sit SOUTH facing only. You can pray your ishtadiva and say the mantra. Now the Japa:   OM YAM HAM

Remedy for problem 5:

Sit NORTH facing only. You can pray your ishtadiva and say the mantra. Now the Japa:   OM HAM YAM VAM LAM not less than 24 mts

2011 year

April Month

10  sunday
12  Tuesday
13  Wednesday
15  Friday
24  Sunday
26  Tuesday
30  Saturday

And Imp thing is  simple yet very effective tips told by Sidhanthi garu.U can see the tips under IMP tips archives.

Grahabalam 19th Feb 2011 remedies by madhurikiranmai


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