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Friday, 18 February 2011

Grahabalam - 18 Feb 2011 Nagadosha-Remedies Special (Episode 2) who know and don't know nakshatrams(Mouna Vratham) part 2

Hi !

Today was also Nagadosha - remedies special.Today was specially for people who don't know what their Nakshatra is.

Remedies for people who don't know nakshatras are divided into 9 categories.They are as follows.

1.  People who are 23 yrs and below comes under 1st category.

2.  People who are 24,25 and 26 yrs comes under 2nd category.

3.  People who are 27,28,29 and 30 yrs comes under 3rd category.

4.  People who are 31 to 35 yrs comes under 4th category.

5.  People who are 36 to 41 yrs comes under 5th category.

6.  People who are 42 to 48 yrs comes under 6th category.

7.  People who are 49 to 56 yrs comes under 7th category

8.  People who are 57 to 65 yrs comes under 8th category.

9.  People who are 66 and above yrs comes under 9th category.

VIMP NOTE:  These days occur on specific nakshatras of days of the week and specific thithis of days of week.

NOTE: These nakshatras on the specific day must be there from sunrise to sunset.

Days of week            Nakshatrams

Sundays          Kruthika, Uttara, Uttarashada

Mondays         Rohini , Hastha, Shravanam

Tuesdays        Chitta,  Dhanishta, Mrugasira,  Ashwini, Makha, Moola

Wednesdays   Ashleysha, Jeshta, Revathi

Thursdays       Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorva Bhadra

Fridays           Bharani, Pubba, Poorvashada

Saturdays       Pushyami, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra, Arudra, Swathi, Shatabhisham

NOTE: These Thisthis on the specific day also must be there from sunrise to sunset.

Days of week                         Thithi

Sundays               Shudha Saptami OR Bahula Saptami

Mondays               Shudha Dashami OR Bahula Dashami

Tuesdays              Shudha Navami OR Bahula Navami

Wednesdays         Shudha Akadashi OR Bahula Akadashi

Thursdays             Shudha Panchami OR Bahula Panchami

Fridays                 Shudha Tadiya OR Bahula Tadiya

Saturdays             Shudha Thrayodashi OR Bahula Thrayodashi

NOTE:    Even if you don't have any problem with children, find out what is the remedy or financial related remedy, find out what's your age and do the remedies according to that.

How long one has to do this remedy:  41 times.

Note: For some the may occur after 16 weeks or so and for some if u keep doing it till 41 weeks, then you'll find the results.
To complete 41 weeks it may take from 4 years to 6 years.How long it takes is not important at all. Start slowly and
want our children to grow and get well settled educationally , financially, hey should cruze in their life without any
problems. If one does these remedies then the results would be fantastic and its a fact.

We have Seven chakras in our body. These seven chakras has  colors and pronouncing sounds.

1) Mooladhara

2) Swadishtana

3) Anahata

4) Manipura

5) Vishudhi

6) Agya

7) Sahasrara

Questions or problems are divided into 5.           In astrology, there are 12 bhavas.

1. Among them we take 2nd, 4th and 10th is clubbed as 1st problem

a).Education    b).Job            c).Health       d).Vehicle       e).House  f). Financial (no development)
g).Eyes, Teeth    h).Mother      i). Business      j).growth in life k) Failure of promises  l) Admininstration

2. This problem is related to 7th bhava which is marriage related.

Marriage related:  a)Still Unmarried, Looking for matches but not succeeding , growing old but still umarried, Nick of the moment after Engagement the match gets cancelled, After marriage problems started, Differences between couples, Mutual understanding missing, asking for divorce, some other problems between couples and lack of mental peace, Long distance couples, Love murders ,deceived or betrayed by loved one(lover or spouse), Single marriage, two marriages, three marriages one would remain bachelor for life , one would die after marriage , get booked under 498A act, one doing prison time. Aligation between couples, couples who are together for 45 years and get divorced after 60 years and etc etc.

Note: Even people who are below 23yrs can also do this remedy for future.Even couples who doesn't have any problems also
do the remedy for future purposes, you never know differences could happen in future.

3.This problem is related to 5th bhava

Children related: No children yet, abortions, still borns, handicapped children, children leave their home,children not well settled in life, children not listening to parents, when parents try to talk to child he would be angry and he would be ready to beat them up, children not in successful path, children get involved in murder cases.

Every one has the same remedy but the difference lies in the direction you sit in to do the japa.

What one need to do for the japa:

a) Get a white and Black towels.

b) Try to sit Padmasan, if you can't the sit as you feel comfortable, older people who
complain about knee pain sit on a chair.

c) Before sitting first lay black cloth lay white cloth over the black on the sitting place or
chair. And then sit on both the cloths.

d) Close your eyes and the do the japa having faith.

At what time one has to do the japa:      Do it between 8:00 am to 8:30 am ONLY. Do atleast 15 minutes.If you do longer also
its not wrong. No offering of any sort

Remedy for problem 1:

Sit EAST facing only. You can pray your ishtadiva and say the mantra. Now the Japa:   OM YAM RAM

Remedy for problem 2:

Sit SOUTH facing only. First just do namaskar to the sun lord and then face south direction. You can pray your ishtadiva and say the mantra. Now the Japa:   OM LAM HAM RAM

It will be continued in tomorrows episode.

These translations are made according to the video. So i've put all under 1 page for easy access and convenience.Please check under all Nagadosha-Remedies under one page in the blog( in header).

Grahabalam 18th Feb 2011 p1 by madhurikiranmai

Grahabalam 18th Feb 2011 p2 by madhurikiranmai

That's it

Bye for 2day

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