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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grahabalam 13th June 2012 - IMP news for everyone of U

Hello Blog viewers!

I am very very very happy to bring this news to all of u. Actually I'm unable to express my happiness in words. yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  ooopss I'll stop my screaming here.Hahahahahha

At last burden is lifted off my shoulders that I couldn't continue this service anymore.And let me tell u why I'm soooooooooooo happy......Yesterday I got comment from a our blogviewer and with it this news so I have to share with each and everyone of u.Because you will continue to enjoy the videos and audios of  Grahabalam show from today onwards on other blog.As Miss/Mrs.Gowri Satya Lakshmi has taken the initiative to continue this service from here on for benefit of mankind.I can't thank her enough coz I know what it takes to maintain a blog day in and day out.I've done my best to maintain it so far.And really appreciate her for continuing this service uninteruptedly in future.

From today onwards you can visit the below mentioned address for all the videos and audios.


U can also view it on

CLICK  HERE  to visit the above site

First register yourself in and then go to VOD in menu bar and click Bhakthi TV there you can find the videos of all the days.This was said by one of our blog viewers very recently.So thanks to her(I think its USHA garu if i'm not mistaken) a lot on behalf of everyone.

Remember the videos will be there for 10 DAYS ONLY.After that it will get deleted.So you can watch it or download it for later reference.

If you need any help regarding downloading videos let me know, I'll definitely help u all with whatever I know.

Hope all of you are very happy reading this post coz I'm very very happy typing it.Can u feel my happiness????

Spread Love and Compassion to others.That's what takes us close to god.

I loved each and every second of my time building this blog.Actually this blog is like my baby.If u can understand what I'm saying.And thanks to each and everyone of u for following the blog for 2 long years.I can't end this without saying Thanks to especially Sidhanthi garu(sidhanthi gari personal blog "GRAHABHUMI"( for everything he is doing for betterment of the mankind.I know thanks would be such a small thing to say.

So this will be my Good bye to each and everyone of u.I'm feeling mixed emotions right now.I'm very sad that I couldn't continue this service and at the same time very very happy to see that this service won't stop with me.I must say that I'm more happy than sad.hahahahha

Anyways take care and help each other.And remember that I'm ALWAYS here to help u with everything I can.U can comment and find me on my other blog. Click this link here to visit my other blog......... Granny's Ayurvedic Chitkas (

Love U all.


TATA, Byee byeee, cherio

Hahahaha.......................Ooops I just saw that its such a looooooong post I totally forgot.I can go on on and on.Adat se majbooor as always.When I get all emotional I forget how long my mail or post is.  hahahaha.

Saying BYE in a very very very very happy note........ 

Actually not BYE,  C U AROUND............................

KEEP SMILING ALWAYS and so all ur problems would run away from u forever.That's all I wish and pray for.Each and everyone of you will be in my prayers.Big hug from my side.Take care

Please pass this message to each and everyone U know.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Grahabalam 6th May 2012

Hello Blog viewers!

I don't know how to break this bad news to you all.But I know I have to anyway.

I'm so so sorry and sad to bring this to your notice that I  won't be able to continue this service of uploading videos and updating matter from today onwards due to personal reasons.I know how you all might be feel reading this.I'm so sorry again.Hope you all will understand.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

LIVE Bhakti TV

 For other LIVE channels you may click HERE


For other LIVE channels you may click HERE


Note: If Stream Not Working Please Download and Install Plugin


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