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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Grahabalam 3rd May 2011 - Makara rashi yearly rashi phalalu


Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt MAKARA RASHI.


Earnings: 5

Expenditure: 5

Honor: 3

Dishonor: 3

Rahu and Kethu :
Since the start of the year to the end of the year, Rahu and Kethu are as Loha murthies.So will give minus points.So health care should be taken

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha would be unfavourable for this rashi. After Nov 15th will be totally favourable.

Guru: From May 8th till the end of the year would give fantastic results as Suvarna murthy.


Due to rahu and kethu's effect people must be careful while dealing with brokers.Students have to read again and again as they tend to forget everything at the nick of the moment. Mobile numbers must be noted in a book instead of paper.

Due to Guru:These people are fortunate because Guru would get luck along with him and knock ur door to give you which is yogam.Due to Guru's positive effect these rashi people will behave with dignity.

All the ways to clear the debt would be nearing.And also would solve very old matters.


Makara rashi jataka people suffering from navel problems would be releived from it due to Guru's anugraha.But would face problems with rahu and Kethu in the form of ankle pain.

All specific dates:

May 20th tol June 15th

Take more care regarding children like which school you have to join kids, or college or get them married or study further etc.But the decisions made till then will not be final.

June 29th to August 3rd

Makara rashi people should be careful when lending or borrowing debt. There is possiblity of unknown enemies spurring up so becareful in that aspect.

Sept 9th to Oct 1st

Must take care regarding the financial transactions especially business people who are trying to succed in their business. The people who lend money(money lenders) or who take money or who draw amount through credit card should be very careful.

Sept 9th to Oct 31st

Unmarried Makara rashi people should totally avoid this period when taking decisions or plans regarding marriage. Married couples should be patient during this time.

November 5th to 19th

These rashi people could take wrong decisions, assuming they would be profitted by this but actually they end up in loss.Don't think too much and get blood pressure. They have to be under doctor's supervision so for that they should save some money now in bank. Eat in time and sleep well which is a warning for these rashi people.

Till November 15th

As Shani is not favourable till Nov 15th they should control their anger when speaking to others. They won't rest untill they spend every penny of the savings after till 15th.Don't give prominance to travelling long distance.

After November 15th

But they will save the savings after Nov 15th.

December 9th to 21st

Wishes should be under control due Rahu and Kethu.

IMP Note:

Don't bend your head and pray to Rahu and Kethu in Navagraha temple.Try to avoid Rahu and Kethu related pooja's this period.

9 days before and 9 days after Sankranthi (total 18 days)

Must take more care regarding financial, health, job,while driving the vehicle or travelling by any vehicle. There could be an eye in your professional life,job or business so see to that you are not under observation.

Feb and March

Would be favourable so need not worry at all.

Ok byeee

Grahabalam 3rd May 2011 - Makara rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

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