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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Grahabalam 27th July 2011 - Tip for Orphans and to increase affection among family members

Hi all!

Today sidhanthi garu continued yesterday's topic regarding remedy to improve education for students who study well but suddenly get dull losing score and forgetting what they study. This tip can also be followed by people who are aged and wish to continue their studies.

Sidhanthi garu also told abt tip for people who lost their parents(Orphans) and whose wife have also left them.This tip can also be done by people to increase affection amongst family members.

Here is the audio file: MEDIAFIRE

Remedy to improve education:
In India, usually Rahu Kalam is abt 4:30 pm to 6:00pm.But its not the same in U.S because the sun sometimes sets at 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm.So this would creat confusion among the abroad Indians.That's the reason sidhathi garu has given detailed description of Rahu Kalam.

At what time the remed must be done: On Sunday(with poornima,before and after poornima) 12 minutes before sunset.

Which day to do:  We'll take Sunday before Poornima ,after Poornima and also take  Poornima Sunday.

What to do:

1) Take Saraswathi leaves powder abt 1/2 spoon and  1/2 spoon of honey.

2) On sunday morning after sunrise, mix them both and place it in a plate.

3) Dry it in sun till 8 to 9 am.After 9am keep the plate inside.

Remember: Just have an idea of saturday's sunset timings, so sunday's sunset would be about +1 or -1 minute.

4) Now the students who are dull in education should take the dried mixture as prasad.Not only students but
people who have crossed 40 to 50 yrs and wish to study can also do this remedy.

 How long one has to do this remedy: Minimum 9 months which would be abt 18 Sundays altogether.You can continue doing this remedy even after 9 months there is nothing wrong in doing it.

Who can do this remedy: People with low memory power, students who are dull in education, people who lost interest in studies and people who want to excel in studies also may do this remedy.

2 most important things to remember:

1) Must remove the dried mixture after 9:00 am.

2) Take the mixture as prasad in 12 mts gap before sunset.Not before or after because it won't work otherwise.

Another Tip to increase affection amongst the family members.

At times few people don't have a father or mother and even the native's wife would also leave him.Sometimes even children would get annoyed with parents, couples would lead their lives separately.

Is there any remedy for such problems? Yes,most definitely.


we have 7 days in a week.But we need only 4 days among them.

Which nakshatras and weekdays  do we need to do the remedy: 

1) Swathi or Uttarabadra nakshatra must occur on Wednesday.Rahu kalam will be in the afernoon.
2) Jhestha or Anuradha nakshatra must occur on Friday.Rahu kalam will be in the morning.
3) Visakha nakshatra must occur on Saturday.Rahu kalam will be in the morning.
4) Mrugasira nakshatra must occur on Sunday. Rahu kalam will be in theevening.

At what time we have to do the remedy:  At aboved specified nakshatras and days in Rahu kalam.As the rahu kalam differs from place to place.Remove half an hour before and after Rahu kalam and take the middle timings only as it would be precise.

What to do:

1) Take Sonthi(dried ginger) and rub it as gandham(which we use to apply at chin on rituals and occasions).

2) Get Betel leaves with stem and mix the sonti gandham with it.

3) Apply the mixture as tilak at the throat only not on the forehead.

4) Now after applying tilak on the throat sit and talk with others about the people who doesn't show affection towards you and praise them.

5) Even if you don't have any feeling towards them or not just pretend u love them and speak high of them and praise them.

6) If you don't have anyone to talk to then read newspaper's front paper loudly.

That's it done for 2day.

27th July 2011 Tip to increase affection in the... by madhurikiranmai

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