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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Grahabalam 2nd July 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt Elinati , Ashtama and Ardhashtama shani periods and its remedies Ep 4

Hi everyone!

Today Sidhanthi garu told abt Elinati,Ashtama and Ardhashtama Shani periods.

Please note that the video is missing later portion due to some technical issues.But u can get FULL AUDIO file below.Hope u'll understand.Sorry for inconvenience caused.

Here is the FULL audio file: CLICK ME         NOT WORKING

AUDIO:  HERE        UPDATED(April 2012)

Grahabalam 2nd July 2011 abt Elinati , Ashtama... by madhurikiranmai

What Srinivasa Gargeya garu thinks about Numerology

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME      NOT WORKING           

AUDIO: HERE          UPDATED(April 2012) 

Grahabalam 2nd July 2011 Abt numerology by madhurikiranmai


  1. hi, madhuri garu u said that "some tips which all should fallow", u wll keep in one table........... wll u do it plzz

  2. Hello Spandana garu!

    Ya i said that long back but still takes time for that coz i need to do lot of work.I'll do it in a month for sure.Sorry for inconvenience caused.

  3. Hello Madhuri garu, I am unable to download audio for this episode. can you please upload it again or can you please send it to
    Thank you very much

  4. hi madhuri garu, thank you for doing this. The full audio link is not allowing us to download. Would you be able to post the content of this audio file, especially remedies for tula raasi shani periods.



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