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Friday, 6 May 2011

Grahabalam 5th May 2011 - Meena rashi yearly rashi phalalu

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt MEENA RASHI.


Earnings: 2

Expenditure: 11

Honor: 2

Dishonor: 6

Rahu and Kethu: Rahu and Kethu are favourable for this rashi.

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha would be favourable for this rashi. After Nov 15th till the end of the year will give some small financial troubles.

Guru: This year Guru is unfavourable.

All specific dates:

May 23rd to June 15th

Be careful regarding brothers and sisters. If you say something your brother may stop speaking to you. If a sister have married bother and say something then he won't call her home. Is sister are there and one says something then there would be no relationship between them.

June 24th and July end

Every day you should be very careful regarding health, vehicle, job and business and avoid tensions. Wives don't worry your husbands after they leave home. Say whatever you have to say when the spouses are at home.

July, August and September

Married couples, people who want to get married and lovers who wish to get married should be very careful while speaking because even small issue could burst into flame.

September 9th to Oct 31st

Uttarabhadra nakshatra people should be careful regarding children. What are their children studying, are they really going to college or someplace else, when your child was given a work to do. observe that is he doing it abt 40% or 140%

Revathi and Poorvabadra nakshatra 1st pada people should keep an eye on children but should not express your anger on them. Even if they do anything wrong don't hit them justpunish them through your eyes.

Pregnant ladies must be careful regarding cesarean operations or follow the doctor's advice and give preference to that only.

Meena rashi parents before they think of getting their child married should be aware of their love isuues or find out if they have an affair with anyone.

October (whole month)

Be careful regarding debt transactions, unknown enemies, could be enemy among friends. Friends or unknown enemies could tell everything you talk to others through anyway possible like mobile phones etc.So you be bold enough to say to say to switch of the phone before speaking if not you could get into troubles.

November 5th afternoon to 14th afternoon.

These days you must be very careful and know everything you do. Be totally informed and do every work.Ex: If you were to go to a place then find out who the driver is and where ur going and how many are coming with you.Like this take care in everything you do.

December 23rd to 29th

Be careful regarding health. Follow health rules. Don't ignore a doctor's decision and just follow it without fail. At the same time be careful regarding business, vehicles or job.

January 8th to 19th

couples should keep an ear on what going on in the house regarding your children or relatives who speak with wife or husband.If they are speaking to wife , husband should hear what they are speaking secretly.Similarly if the relatives speak to husband then wife should also hear what they are saying secrets so you would know the truth and good comes out of it.

February and March

These two months would be smooth going without any problems. This year meena rashi people would have some luck so don't worry.

Ok people i'm over with translation.

Grahabalam 5th May 2011 - Meena rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

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