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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Grahabalam 29th June 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt Elinati , Ashtama and Ardhashtama shani periods Ep 1

Hi people!

Today Sidhanthi garu told abt Elinati,Ashtama and Ardhashtama Shani and will continue this topic for 2 to 3 days. 

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Shani(Saturn) is one among the nine planets of our solar system.  As it moves very slowly so it takes 30 yrs for 1 revolution around the sun. The universe is of 360 degrees.So we have 12 rashis in total and Shani takes 30 yrs to revolve round the sun.When 30 is divided by 12 we have 2 and 1/2 yrs which is nothing but the time Shani takes to be in each rashi.So for every 30 degrees and 21/2 yrs Shani revolves round the Sun.

During this period of Saturn's motion, we have , Arshashtama, and Elinati Shani.Apart from these 3 we have 9 types of Shanis but mostly we are effected by these 3 shani's.

To know  the effects of Shani on us, we need to learn about astrology.

What are Ashtama, Ardhashtama and Elinati Shanis ?
And what are the murthithvaas of Shani?

These 2 major questions could answer our troubles and problems.

Elinati Shani: When Shani travels in Janma rashi, and either sides of Janma rashi in total of 3 rashis then its called Elinati Shani

Ashatama Shani: When Shani travels in 8th sthana(place) from Janma Lagna then its called Ashatana Shani

Ardhashtama Shani: When Shani travels in 4th sthana(place) from Janma Lagna then its called Ardhashtama Shani.
4th sthana represents : Education, job, profession, business, house, vehicle, native's mothers sthana

When Shani travels in 4th sthana from Janma sthana the effects may be as follows:

1) A student studying EAMCET who expects to get high score may get low score.

2) Even though how hard one tries for job interviews and still have faults somewhere.

3) Loss in business.

4) Health issues not knowing what is the actual problem.

5) Fights in the family.Sometimes son and mother can't get along with each other.

6) Mother may have some health issues.

Presently who is running Ardhashtama shani: Mrugasira nakshatra 3 and 4 padas,  Arudra nakshatram and Punarvasu 1 and 2 padas of Mithuna Rashi.

It all started on 9th Sept 2009 and will be till 5th August 2012 and will not return until 30 yrs. Even though shani leaves next year he'll give little relief from 16th Nov 2011 onwards.

Presently who are running Shani periods:

Mithuna rashi people are running Ardhashtama Shani.

Kumbha  rashi people are having Ashatama Shani.

Simha, Kanya and Tula rashi people are running Elinati Shani.

we all do many kinds  of poojas,  and offer prayer to Shani on Shani thrayodashi, do abhishekas to Lord shiva on maasa shivaratri and read sthotras on every saturday.

Most of the people complain that despite doing all kinds of poojas and reading sthotras they are not out of Shani's suffering.

Isn't there any remedy to reduce or eliminate Shani's sufferring for these people?
Answer is YES.There are remedies.

Sidhanthi garu wishes he has Shani period for all 30 yrs.After Sidhanthi garu's 3 or 4 episodes of Shani's special episodes everyone would wish they had any one of the Shani periods mentioned above.

Shani is reason for longitivity. Shani is Raja yoga karaka for Vrushabha, Tula lagnas.If we want to live long we need Shani's blessings. Shani is one who gives Poorna Ayush(full lifespan).

1) Why are everyone afraid of Shani? What are the reasons behind it?

2) In 7 and 1/2 period of Elinati shani does he only gives negative results?
Answer: NO

3) In 2 and 1/2 period of Ashatama Shani does he only offer suffering?
Answer: NO

4) In 2 and 1/2 period of Ardhashtama shani will he'll only be a hindrence or hurdle?
Answer: NO

Exp:    Even our father who loves and care for us sometimes punishes us when we do anything wrong.He acts that way just to make us realise our mistakes and correct them.

DON ' T DO: Most people would take fistful of sesame seeds, Jaggery and feed the cow thinking that it would eliminate the shani's effect in shani periods which it does not but doing so would be a huge sin.

Shani has a inner enemy which is Moon. If we can control Moon then we''ll have all opportunities to achieve wonderful successess.we need moon's blessings inorder to do that.

Ok........I'm done translating

Grahabalam 29th June 2011 Abt all Shani periods by madhurikiranmai

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