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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Grahabalam 30th April 2011 -Vruschika rashi yearly rashi phalalu


Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt VRUSCHIKA RASHI.


Earnings: 14

Expenditure: 2

Honor: 4

Dishonor: 7

Rahu and Kethu : This year (telugu year Apr 2011 to 2012) Rahu and kethu are totally favourable as Suvarna murthies .

Shani: These rashi people are not running Elinati Shani,Ashtama Shani or Ardhashtama Shani . But Elinati Shani would start from next year August 5th 2012. As Shani is moving(Athicharam) from Kanya to Tula rashi as Loha murthy. Till Nov 16th Shani graha will be favourable as Suvarna murthy but after Nov 16th its unfavourable and gives negative results.

Guru : From May 8th Guru till the end of the year is not favourable as its Loha murthy.


If Vrushchika people think of doing good to anyone then it would end up doing harm,so the chances are more.So be careful while taking decisions.Will have a lot of expenditure without profit. May have the tendency to do wrong things due to Shani.

Vrushchika rashi adipathi is Kuja.Kuja is absolute enemy of Shani. So vrushchika rashi people Visakha 4th pada,Anuradha and Jheshta nakshatras should be very careful with Shani related period from Nov 16th.

All specific dates:

May 8th(GANGA PUSHKARALU) to June 20th

Have to be careful regarding debt related transactions. Unknown decease will be observed, unexpectedly friends could become enemies. Importantly
Anuradha and Jheshta nakshatras should think more before acting.Keep an eye on the surroundings and just observe who are your real friends or enemies .

June 20th to July 28th

Should think and move forward at every minute of the day. People who are unmarried and who are taking decisions regarding marriage should be even more careful. Married couples should be patient and see that you don't have any problems.

Importantly Visakha 4th pada,Anuradha nakshatras people should be very careful regarding marriage due to planetory situations in sapthama sthana(7th place). Even if you just open and speak could get you into lot of trouble,so be very careful.

July 28th to Sept 9th

Be very careful while driving, doing jobs, business transactions, lying to people, even preaching good and all related to speaking as Guru is infavourable.

Sept 9th to Oct 31st

Be very careful from moment you wake up that is the moment you brush your teeth till the time you go to bed. Even if your mind think of something but it won't feel right at heart. So there is clash between mind and heart.Be also patient.

October (whole month)

Should take some decisions in the way you act and do things. Give your total attention to your 2nd child and be careful with matter related to vehicle.

Nov 5th,6th,7th and 8th

Anuradha and Jheshta nakshatras should take proper decisions towards right direction without wasting time.

Nov 24th, 25th and 26th

Vishakha and Jheshta nakshatras should take proper care regarding children

Dec 10th, 11th, 12th ,13th and 14th

As Anuradha nakshatra jataka people will have changes in the way they act and do. So be prepared and keen to the changes you observe. The decisions you take may help and give you reaults in the coming next 4 to 5 years.

January 19th to 25th

Visakha and Jheshta nakshatras people must be very careful regarding profession, business and health.

January 7th to 11th

Anuradha nakshatra jataka people should be very careful regarding health.

Feb 5th to 19th

Anuradha and Jheshta nakshatras people must be careful in regarding the way they act and do, children, property, financial.

Being careful meaning you should not do things in a hurry without thinking .

March 3rd to 21st

Be careful in the way you speak with others and in financial matters. Be careful regarding eyes and dental related issues.

Ok people ..........done with translating for today.bye

Grahabalam 30th April 2011 -Vruschika rashi... by madhurikiranmai


  1. Thanku so much Madhuri garu for the post.. :)

  2. Hello Sudheer garu!

    Ur most welcome.

  3. pls. urgently needed guruji sri gargeya s personnel appointment. my birth 3-7-1963 3.30pm my 2nd son bith 19-8-1999 6.04pm and is in criticl heatth condition i am not able even to pay hospital bills i am not having any job or profession at present give me suggesstin urgently to save my 2nd son both our stars are same ANYRADHA 2nd pada treat this as urgent



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