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Friday, 15 July 2011

Grahabalam 14th July 2011 - Abt Court cases and remedies - Spl ep 2

Today sidhanthi garu told abt court cases special episode 1

Here is the FULL audio file: CLICK ME

We see and hear abt hundreds and thousdands of cases in courts still waiting for trial since ages.And people who are honest and stand by truth fail in the cases.

The remedy mentioned below works ONLY for people who are honest and true in their standing.

Remedy for Court/Legal matters:

Which day we have to do the remedy:

There are total 12 rashis.

Among them 3 are air based signs(signs having nature of air) which are Midhuna, Tula and Kumbha.If we calculate Tula rashi from Midhuna rashi  its 5th rashi, similarly if we calculate kumbha rashi from Tula its placed at 5th, and again if we calculate midhuna rashi from Kumbha rashi its placed at 5th.

Midhuna rashi has 3 nakshatras Mrugasira, Arudra and Punarvasu
Tula rashi has 3 nakshatras Chitta, Swathi and Visakha
Kumbha rashi has 3 nakshatras Dhanishta, Shatabhisha and Poorva Bhadra

We need to take nakshatra which has 4 padas.
So in Midhuna rashi we take Arudra nakshatra, in Tula rashi we take Swathi and in Kumbha rashi  we take  Shatabhisha.

The air based rashis having Arudra,Swathi and Shatabhisha nakshatras are related to Rahu.


1) The weekday when Arudra or Swathi or Shatabhisha occurs should be SUNDAY.

2) It should not be Ashada masam, Badhrapada masam, and Pushya masam. (all are telugu month names).

3) At that time , there should not be Shukra moudhyami or Guru moudhyami.

Note: (Moudhyami means a time in present planetory motion where the particular planet is not visible to us(Shukra set or Guru set like sun set)

4) For Arudra  or Swathi or Shatabhisha nakshatras , there shouldn't occur a solar or lunar eclipse. If any eclipse has occured, then even if Arudra  or Swathi or Shatabhisha nakshatras occurs on Sunday we don't consider or use the nakshatra to do the remedy for a period of 6 months after eclipse.

To know the days beforehand plz refer to DURGGANITH panchang or see Andhra Jyothi daily newspaper for details.

How long this nakshatra must be: If the nakshatra is for 10 minutes after sunrise, then its enough.

What to do:

1) Go near white Jilledu (Gigantic swallow wort) tree and pluck 7 flowers maximum.

2) Dry them up and store them in a paper and make a label named as "Flowers cut on Sunday Arudra nakshatra"

3) Next again, see when Swathi nakshatra occurs on Sunday and repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

4) Again when Shatabhisha nakshatra occurs on Sunday and repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

5) Now make powder of flowers collected on those 3 days and keep aside.

6) Mix them up and put a small  karpooram(camphor) on it and lit it.

7) It gets burnt and will get bhasma(ash) in very small quantity.

What to do with bhasma:

Should apply the bhasma on the throat on the day of trial.

How does applying bhasma on throat effect the trial:

The lawyer of opposition party gets confused and asks other questions instead of related one.


a) ONLY person who has court case should pluck the flowers on specific days mentioned above.Nobody should pluck on his/her behalf because it won't be of any use.

b) If you don't have any court case then don't prepare it for future purposes and don't give them to someone who is in need of it.

This is one among many rajamargams and some other rajamargams will be discussed on saturday.

I'm done with translating.bye


Grahabalam 14th July 2011 abt court cases ep 2 by madhurikiranmai


  1. Guru Poojyulu Sri Guruvu gariki,

    On the occassion of Guru Poornima, My sincere Padabhavandanamulu and Namaskaramulu to you. I am placing the flowers on your feet and look forward for your blessings.

    P.S.: Madhuri garu, please convey my message to Sri Sidhanti garu for which I am very thankful to you.

    Ramesh Adivi
    +91.98492 45355

  2. Hello Ramesh garu!

    Ya sure, I'll do that if i get a chance.
    Ur welcome.



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