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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Grahabalam 13th July 2011 - Abt Court cases and announcement on Website launch

Hello everyone!

Sidhanthi garu has launched his website related to marriage ONLY.

గమనిక: ఈ వెబ్‌సైట్ కేవలం వివాహపొంతనలకు మాత్రమే    CLICK ME TO ENTER THIS SITE

Refresh the page if your having trouble opening the site.Please use FIREFOX or OPERA browsers.

Its only for marriage compatibility and for other related issues there will be another website launched in this month which i'll let u know as soon as it done.

As i'm getting so many comments asking for sidhanthi garu's contact number or mail id so thought of bringing this to your notice.

Appointments are booked for an year so it will be unavailable till next year.So please be patient untill a site is launched this month.

Grahabalam - Abt Court cases and remedies - Spl ep 1

Sorry for delayed upload. Had a power cut so uploading it late today.

Today sidhanthi garu told abt court cases special episode 1

Here is the FULL audio file: CLICK ME

Will update the post little later.....sorry

Grahabalam 13th July 2011 abt Court cases Ep 1 by madhurikiranmai


  1. Please remind siddhanti garu , the remedies to be followed for the DEPENDENTS for their livelihood.

  2. Hello Rkhotha garu!

    Ya. I already did that.He felt sorry to have forgotten that.He would say he propably tomorrow(19th).

  3. Namaskaram Guru garu,......



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