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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Grahabalam 17th May 2011 Srinivasa gargeya garu told abt 5 Mukhyamaina rojulu(special days) in May episode 2

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt 5 very Important days in May and what pooja and deeksha we have to do to taste success in life.

Those 5 most important days are as follows:

On May 27th Hanumath(vayu puthra's) Jayanthi

On May 31st Krishna angaaraka(Kuja) chathurdashi

When you add these days including the days in between we'll get 5 days.

One can do this pooja process for 5 days, or take as deeksha for 21 days or 40 days.

2 lines of 143 slokas of Lalitha Sahasranama sthothram....

Bhavadava sudhavrusthihi paparanya davanala
Daorbhagya tula vatula jaradhvanta raviprabha......... 144th slokas of 2 lines

3) Daorbhagya tula vatula

This is the 3rd kaarathathva as told in Bruhat Jatakam.

Its misfortune(Daorbhagya). So misfortune should be wiped out from human's life.This is only possible if there is a tornado(vatula) and wipe out all the misfortune. We need devi's anugraham(blessings) to achieve that.

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 3rd kaarathathva is spread in 4th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 1st name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

4) jaradhvanta raviprabha

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 1st kaarathathva is spread in 1st sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 1st name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

As we grow older we shrink and have skin folds. Some we even end up getting closer to a sthana.So to avoid that we need to be healthy.We think of following healthy rules, along with that we need to do Devi upasana.

Old age is like night.So to eliminate the dark we need sun light.Similarly we need to do Adityopasana.

Bhagyabhi chandrika bhakta chittakeki ghanaghna
Rogaparvatadanbholi rmrutyudaru kutarika ...........144th slokas of 2 lines

5) Bhagyabhi chandrika

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 5th kaarathathva is spread in 5th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 5th name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

As we know how sea waves make noise and is not quiet at all. Calmness is always compared to moon.Moon's light is calm in nature.We need devi's anugraham(blessings) to get the calmness of moon.

6) bhakta chittakeki ghanaghna

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 7th kaarathathva is spread in 7th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 6th name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

The 7th stana in horoscope has a name of chittosta.

Keki means peacock.Ghanaghana means group of clouds.The peacock feels happy and dances when it finds pleasant weather around. We need devi's anugraham(blessings) to have peace in our lives.

One more thing is here peacock is taken because peacocks are always found in pairs(male and female).If any one dies, it doesn't pair up with other peacocks.

7) Rogaparvatadanbholi(hav doubt will clear 2morrow)

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 6th kaarathathva is spread in (will tell later)th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 7th name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

Rogam means desease.This deseases are increasing like a mountain.So to remove this we need a weapon. Ranbholi meaning diamond weapon.All kinds of mental and physical deseases of mountain we need goddess Lalitha's anugraham(blessings).

8) rmrutyudaru kutarika

As told in bruhat jatakam, the 8th kaarathathva is spread in 8th sthana of horoscope which is embeded in the 8th name of Lalitha sahasranamam.

Mrutyuvu meaning death. Kutarika means a gandra goddali(huge axe). So this mrutyuvu is like a big tree which can be axed with gandra goddali.To achieve that we need goddess lalitha devi's upasana balam(strength).

So tomorrow we'll learn how to do the deeksha and rules for 5 days, 21 days and 40 days.

Before i leave , i have doubt abt the episode which i wud clarify it 2morrow.So plz check this update again.That is the reason why i say viewers/blog readers to update ur subscriptions or be a follower.I've noticed some of u haven't confirmed ur email to get ur subscriptions.So plz check that out.

Grahabalam 17th May 2011 Abt 5 very special days... by madhurikiranmai


  1. HEllo Madhuri garu i want the video clip of gargeya siddhanthi's kalasha pooja process

  2. Hello Deepthi garu!

    U may take look at the header page"Special Kalasha pooja" for all the related info.



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