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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Grahabalam 20th April 2011 - Mithuna rashi yearly rashi phalalu AND IMP NEWS

Hi all!


Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt yearly rashi phalalu with specific dates.

Today it is abt MITHUNA RASHI.


Earnings: 11

Expenditure: 8

Honor: 3

Dishonor: 1

Total planets are 9 and the important among them are 4 which are Shani, Guru, Rahu and Kethu.

Rahu and Kethu : Till May 2nd ,Rahu will be in 7th place as suvarna Murthy and after May 2nd Rahu enters in 6th sthana as Suvarna murthy again.Even Kethu also is Suvarna Murthy in Janma Rashi and after May 2nd it would enters Vyaya sthana again as Suvarna murthy.

Shani: Till Nov 15th Shani graha is in 4th sthana and after 15th it enters 5th sthana.It is Suvarna murthy till Nov 15th and also be suvarna murthy after Nov 15th.So all year long Shani would not give any negative results.

Guru: Till May 8th Guru wouyld stay in 10th sthana which is Meena rashi then after May 8th it would enter Mesha rashi.So Guru is also is Suvarna murthy all year long.

So for Mithuna rashi people even though this year all the major planets are in Suvarna murthy has some opposite effects.These effects can be when Shani is in conjunction with Kuja, even when they are in same rashi , when both the planets are aspecting each other, when Shani in conjunctio and having its aspect on Mithuna rashi.

Importantly people( man or woman )who are suffering because of their mother-in-law will not have any problems from her anymore.Either she would calm down or she may even die.


After Nov 15th, Mithuna rashi people have good results regarding children.


Even if you are suffering from digestive problems or Uterus related problems, all will be end up in curing side.

All specific dates:

May 8th to June 20th

Mithuna jataka people should take care of fixed deposits, earnings or savings.Even if you have a thought of spending the fixed amt,gold or any other saving amt but don’t touch that amount.

August 2nd to Sept 15th or last week

Don’t entertain any Mental or physical strain.Whatever happens happens.Shouldn’t worry too much. Don’t neglect if you have B.P or sugar just concern your doctors. You may have health problems related to feet, respiratory and knees,so take proper care.
Take lot of care regarding House related, Profession, Health, Business and vehicle, family members.

Sept 9th to Oct 31st

Be most careful in matters related to financial transactions, brothers, travelling and while driving.


Even though all major planets are favourable there could be some problems as Shukra is unfavourable so it may have its effect on children like marriages, education or grand children also.So take more care this month.In this month, you may need to increase bank balance as you may have expenditure whether its necessary one or unnecessary one.So be prepared for that before.

Dec 5th to 25th

It may seem everything is alright but one has to be careful.

IMP: From today to next month 15th morning 10:03 am mithuna rashi people should take much more careful regarding brothers or sisters.

In May,there is important arishta graha sthithi (planetory situations). There are 2 full Lunar eclipses.Important 5 days are coming for all rashi people to perform pooja and homa process which is very rare.How the planetory situations could effects us and the remedies to get out the effect.So it would be explained in future episodes.

Grahabalam 20th April 2011- Mithuna rashi yearly... by madhurikiranmai

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