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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Grahabalam 16th March 2011 Nagadosha - Remedies Special (Episode 4)

Hello All!

Types of Nagadoshas and  Nagadosha No 1: Rahu in Mesha and Vruschika rashi and its remedy

Today was all abt Nagadoshalu - Remedies in detail again.

Some people think that killing snakes by themselves or their elders/ancestors, they got the dosha called Nagadosham. They think they have been cursed by snakes thats why they are having Nagadosham.

As per astrology the actual meaning of Nagadoshas are as follows:

1) When Rahu is in Mesha or Vrischika

2) From Janma Lagna, the fifth house is called Santana Sthana(children).If Shani is in Santhana Sthana(5th house from janma lagna).

3) Guru - Kuja in conjuction

4) Guru - Rahu in conjuction

5) If Rahu is in fifth house and is aspected(seen) by Kuja from anywhere.

6) In kanya rashi, if Kuja and Shukra are in conjunction.

7) In karkataka rashi, if Kuja and Shukra are in conjunction.

8) In Makara rashi, if Kuja and Shukra are in conjunction.

9) In Meena rashi, if Kuja and Shukra are in conjunction.

10) Mainly Shani - Kuja conjunction in any rashi will have some effects or the other and even when both planets are aspecting each other.

11) Santhana sthana adipathi is a planet.This planet(5th house adipathi) when in conjunction with Rahu in any house of a horoscope.

12) If Shani is in fifth house which is Santana Sthana(children) along with Moon.

13) If Shani is in fifth house which is Santana Sthana

14) If kuja is not aspecting Rahu but is inconjunction with Rahu.

15) If kuja is aspecting Shukra

All the avayogas(non-yogas) are classified under one title called Nagadoshas.

How does these Nagdoshas effect us?

1) On children: Late marriages would obviously lead to late chidren.

2) Misunderstands between couples.

3) Cancellation of marriages just before days.

4) Divorce among couples.

5) Spouse(husband or wife) killings.

6) Murders.

7) Children grow up to be useless

8) Multiple  abortions.

9) Baby dies after delivery.

10) Baby born hadicapped.

11) Mentally retarted children are born. And be retarted after growing older as well. Sometimes even after growing up to be as old as 40 to 50yrs,they can't even go to toilet because they don't know anything. Parents would be serving them

12) People who are crorepathi spend their money like camphor.

13)People who has lots of property but doesn't have any money in hand which leads them to make debt. They can't repay the debt and inturn have to face court problems.

14) Sexual transmitted deseases like Aids,Ganaria,Syphilis.

15) Branthi rogalu(Imaginary deseases)

16) Children leave their homes without informing.

17) Second marriage yoga etc etc etc

Sometimes these Nagadoshas are for limited period in life. And other times it for Janma Janmantharalu(many births).

These Nagadoshas doesn't be for whole life span.It comes especially Arshtama Shani,Ardhashtama Shani and Elinati Sani.
The effect of nagadoshas are very high during these Shani periods otherwise its stays calm with no effects.

1) Rahu in Mesha and Vruschika rashi:

  • a) How long one has to do this remedy: 18 months. 
If u miss a month nothing happens, do it the next month.The months we have done and the coming months will be counted.The count doesn't get lapsed ,it will be counted like in a reserve bank.

  • b) Which day to start: 
1st sunday after amavasya but not amavasya sunday.(the sunday which is amavasya)

    • c) What to do: 

    * Get a new red cotton cloth of any shape(round/triangle/square/rectangle).

    * Take a fistful of minumulu (Whole black gram), keep it in red cloth and tie a knot.Now take a ragi vessel   and drop the red knotted cloth in it.  

     * Take  good sweet  jaggery(not salty) and prepare panakam(#see description below for preparation) which is  traditional recipe made for Sri Rama Navami.                   

    #Panakam recipe:


               2 tbsps grated jaggery (for this remedy add MORE JAGERRY)
               2 glasses water
               pinch of dry ginger pwd
               1 coarsely crushed cardamom
               6-7 coarsely crushed pepper corns

    Mix the grated jaggery in water and let it dissolve completely. Filter the jaggery water. Add dried ginger powder, crushed cardamom and crushed pepper. Mix well.This is panakam.

    * Now pour the panakam into the Kalasham(ragi vessel), cover it with another ragi lid and  keep it  aside                       

    *Next day which is monday morning,remove the cloth from panakam and untie the knot.Throw the black gram and panakam anywhere outside.

    *Now the kerchief should be dried in sun.On Tuesday morning fold the kerchief  into small(square) and put some camphor on it.                  

    *Put a karpooram(camphor) on it and lit fire utill it burnt totally and you'll get ash at last.Add a 1/2  spoon of  coconut oil.Ur ashed oil ready.      

    • d)Who'll should keep as tilak:

            @  Married:  After dinner before going to sleep keep as horizontal tilak.

            @  Married but no children: After dinner before going to sleep keep  as horizontal tilak.

            @  Unmarried: From sunrise and before afternoon keep it as horizontal tilak.

    @IMP  who'll can do:  People who has rahu in Mesha and Vrischika rashi. Among them , people who doesn't have children, people who are not married yet, fights among married couples, children who have left home (parents can do) etc etc ..........any problem can do this.

    • e) At what time one has to do: 
    On sunday at anytime morning,afternoon or evening. But remember to do it between sunrise and sunset only.One has doubts as to when to do? should do after eating, or with Madi or should
    wash legs or do in front of god. It doesn't matter which state ur in but most importantly ladies running menstruation cycle(monthly period) must avoid doing it. Anyone can do the activity lady or gent.

    • f) when should one must keep this tilak:
    As this tilak is prepared on tuesday, start keeping from wednesday onwards everyday. Keep this tilak till the  next month before the day (the sunday after amavasya) ie saturday.

    • g) IMP Note:
    If the tilak is over even before the day, stay calm and do nothing. If  the tilak is left ,then throw it away.But don't used the tilak after Amavasya.

    • h) Repeat the same process for 18 months.

    Do this remedy and u'll see how nagadosham is totally uprooted from ur life and will effect us never during     any shani period. Nagdoasham would  be a total shutdown.   

    Grahabalam 16-3-11(Spl Episode) Nagadosham -... by madhurikiranmai

    That's it folks.c u 2morrow.

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