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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Grahabalam 9th May 2011 - Abt all Eclipses occurring in June and July

Hi everyone!
Today Sidhanthi garu said abt the occurring of eclipses in month of June and July.
This is not a bad planetory situation and need not worry at all.

On 1st June 2011( in Vishakha amavasya in Rohini nakshatram)  partial solar eclipse occurs in Vrushabha rashi.

It will be seen in East Asia and North west America.It won't be seen in India. According to Indian standard time it will occur at night.

On 15th June 2011( in Jhestha and Moola nakshatra, Poornima )a Full lunar eclipse occurs in both Vrishchika and Dhanus rashis.

In Jhestha nakshatra, the eclipse will be for abt 75 mts and moves to moola nakshatra Dhanus rashi where total Lunar eclipse can be seen. The total  lunar eclipse is for 217mts but the total lunar moon would be for abt 105 mts which is very rare.

Moola, Ashwini and Makha Nakshatra jataka people must not see the Lunar eclipse.Similarly people who are running Kethu mahadasha should also avoid seeing the eclipse.

On 1st July 2011( in Jhestha amavasya Arudra nakshatram) partial solar eclipse occurs in Mithuna rashi.

It will be seen and have effect on Indian ocean. It won't be seen in India.According to Indian standard time it will occur in afternoon.

In Ashada masam there are bad planetory situations.On the whole Jheshta, Ashada, Shravan, Badrapada masams would give negative results for all the 12 rashi people.

What are the effects of  total Lunar eclipse(June 15th) on dwadasha rashi people?
What are the precautions needed to be taken?
What are the specific dates needed to consider ?

all the above questions will be answered tomorrow.

ok guys bye for 2day.

Grahabalam 9th May 2011 - Abt Eclipses this year by madhurikiranmai

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