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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Grahabalam 11th may 2011 - Abt effects of Lunar eclipse on Tula to Meena rashis


Today Sidhanthi garu has continued yesterday's topic abt the effects of Lunar eclipse(15th June)  on all the rashis.

TODAY : The effects of Lunar eclipse on Tula to Meena  rashis.

On 15th June 2011( in Jhestha and Moola nakshatra, Poornima )a Full lunar eclipse occurs in both Vrishchika and Dhanus rashis.This eclipse can be seen in India.
It is seen in Meena Mesha lagnas.

In Jhestha nakshatra, the eclipse will be for abt 75 mts and moves to moola nakshatra and stay for abt 142 mts which adds upto 217 mts in total.On Jhestha poornima night, the eclipse starts at 11:53 pm and ends at 3:30am.But just the total moon would be for abt 101 mts.

How does this effect all the dwadasha rashis(12 rashis) in total.

How long will it effect: From June 15th to July 24th(40days), this will have its effect.

7)Tula rashi: 

In which field one has to be careful: Should be careful in everything they do, should also be aware of what they are doing and be focused on that.You may find some faults ,so must find where are the faults coming from and try to correct them, should be patient regarding sibbling matters(brother or sister).

8)Vrushchika rashi:In which field one has to be careful: Property related to father and his decisions,  people who disobey and oppose their father should be careful and try to obey your father, should control their vach sthana(speech) when talking and giving promises, family and financial matters, eye and dental problems may also arise so have to be careful.This lunar eclipse is related to ashtamadipathi which is MOON.

9) Dhanus rashi:

Most part of the full lunar eclipse occurs in Moola nakshatra Dhanus rashi.This eclipse will be at its full  in Moola nakshatra and also ends in Moola nakshatra for abt 101 mts.

In which field one has to be careful: While travelling, health( don't ignore any pain or discomfort at all), mental and physical stress should be avoided.

10) Makara rashi:
In which field one has to be careful: Especially married couples should avoid any fights and bear patience, don't look everything under scanner or microscope, similarly lovers, couples who are about to get married, couples who got engaged ahould also take more care, as there would is excess expenditure ,it should be checked under control.

11) Kumbha rashi:

In which field one has to be careful: Debt related transactions(people who lended and borrowed money), unknown desease may also spread so don't over load yourself with work, take food on time, chances of  unnecessary enemity may  increase so be cautious, there could be some ways to reduce the profit so find the faults and rectify them.

12) Meena rashi:

In which field one has to be careful: Should give your maximum attention towards your children, what children are wishing for and what we want to give are also the matters which need your attention,
should more attention to what your doing in life , your respobsibility,  what are your planning for future and how far are you succeeding in implimenting them.

Ok guys that's it .I'm done translating,  c u all 2morrow.

Grahabalam 11th may 2011 - Abt effects of Lunar... by madhurikiranmai

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