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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Grahabalam 10th may 2011 - Abt effects of Lunar eclipse on Mesha to Kanya rashis

Hi !

Today Sidhanthi garu has told abt the effects of Lunar eclipse(15th June)  on all the rashis.

 TODAY : The effects of Lunar eclipse on  Mesha to Kanya rashis.

On 15th June 2011( in Jhestha and Moola nakshatra, Poornima )a Full lunar eclipse occurs in both Vrishchika and Dhanus rashis.This eclipse can be seen in India.
It is seen in Meena Mesha lagnas.

In Jhestha nakshatra, the eclipse will be for abt 75 mts and moves to moola nakshatra and stay for abt 142 mts which adds upto 217 mts in total.On Jhestha poornima night, the eclipse starts at 11:53 pm and ends at 3:30am.But just the total moon would be for abt 101 mts.

How does this effect all the dwadasha rashis(12 rashis) in total.

How long will it effect: From June 15th to July 24th (40days), this will have its effect.

1)Mesha rashi: 

In which field one has to be careful:  In job, business, health, education, vehicle, house, mother and father related wealth,father related decisions, people who are under father's influence should be aware of and take interest in whatever he says.

2)Vrushabha rashi:  

In which field one has to be careful: Sibbling related(brother and sister), unknown desease or related problem may increase, while driving.

3) Mithuna rashi:  

In which field one has to be careful: The effect would be on vach sthana(speech),promises, family matters, financial matters. So shouldn't promise in a hurry, don't talk in a hurry and make sure uyou are careful when speaking and don't critisize anyone, married couples must have patience especially newly weds.

4) Karkataka rashi: 

In which field one has to be careful: Chances of getting irritated unneccessarily are more, whatever they do might not work out as they planned or thought so this would get them worried and frustrated, may also get tensed and stressed out due to work overload so should reduce the work load, people who do debt related transactions(people who lended and borrowed money), should be far from enemy related matters especially these 40days.

5) Simha rashi:  

In which field one has to be careful: Regarding children matters, should be aware of and be focused on expenditure.

6) Kanya rashi:  

In which field one has to be careful: The effect would be on daily job, business transactions, health, vehicle. People who'll get their salary must be careful and see to it that its not robbed by someone even before you reach home, rich kanya rashi people should not keep their property on binami names, don't get into arguments.

Moola, Ashwini and Makha Nakshatra jataka people must not see the Lunar eclipse.Similarly people who are running Kethu mahadasha should also avoid seeing the eclipse and take more care regarding the mentioned issues.

 Ok people that's it for today.byee

Grahabalam 10th may 2011 - Abt effects of Lunar... by madhurikiranmai

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