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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Grahabalam 6th May 2011- Abt Pushkara danaas and Akshara thrithiya

Hi everyone!

Today Sidhanthi garu told abt the myths of purchasing gold on Akshya thrithiya and abt the danas one has to do during Ganga Pushkara days.

Akshaya Tadhiya or Thrithiya

Akshaya tadhiya is a definitly auspicious day. Since last 15 yrs or this has become compulsory custom to puschase gold on this day. The actual meaning of Akshaya is whenever a person donated anything it will not be kshyam(mean it won't end).About 15 yrs back when Shukra moudhyami would be for 3 months, an a sunya masam before and after Shukra moudhyami , So for 5 months there wouldn't have been any muhurtas.So at that Tamilnadu business and jewellers used this trick to lure people to buy gold and turned into sentimental gold festival.Anyhow everyone has their own beliefs. It is not written in any book.

This month from 8th May afternoon, Guru(guru of lords) in the form of Pushkara and by entering Ashwini nakshatra 1st pada Shradha Trikothi Ganga Pushkaralu would start
It would last for 12 days i.e it would would by 19th may.And in these 12 days 5th day would be Thursday and the last day is also will be thusday.And in these 12 days there are 5 important days, not those 5 days mentioned in the detailed rashi phalalu. On these pushkaralu days , everyday they would danas. Sometimes these dabas are performed due to planetory situations.
Anyone can go to punyakshetras like Gangothri, Gangasagar, Haridwar, Badri, Kedarnath and Varanasi and have pushkara bath. At Kashi only, there are 64 bathing ghats.
Among them Manikarnika bathing ghat is most prominent.

Every year at pushkaras, one would leave tarpanas(offering to the dead) and perform shanthi karmas.Where the Pushkara is there ,there would be Mukotti devatas as well along with pithru devathas. As we do pooja process for devasthas, we do pinda pradanas for the pithru devathas. we also give danam in those days.

In these pushkara days, every day has its importance. These danas can be given in any order.

The danas given in those 12 days are as follows:

  • 1st day: Gold and Silver(vendi)
  • 2nd day : Cow
  • 3rd day: Jaggery,Horse and koralu
  • 4th day: Ghee, Oil, Honey and Milk
  • 5th day: Grains, Silver, buffalo, Ox and Plough
  • 6th day: Medicine(Should be given in Amrutha kalam), Karpuram, Chandan and Kasturi
  • 7th day: Cot, Swing, Sitting table(peta) and home(buy and give to a pandit)
  • 8th day: Sandal wood and Kandamooladulu
  • 9th day: Pinda pradanas, Blanket, servant (male or female) and Kanya danam.
  • 10th day: Silver, Muthyalu(pearls), Gold and Flowers (yellow)
  • 11th day: Clothes and book
  • 12th day: Theerda shardamulu and shoda samharadanamulu

Importantly on May 11th (Wednesday), 12th (Thursday), 13th (Friday) Guru is in Mesha rashi and having pushkaras.On these 3 days there is Pancha graha kootami(5 planets at 1 place).

On 16th May(On swathi nakshatram) is Nursimha Jayanthi which is very auspicious day.This day compulsaryly give Sri gandham chekka(original sandal wood) as daanam

People who can't go to Ganga for the ocassion:

Do as follows:

Sarva nadi namaskaaraam gangaam prathi gathyathi.

If u can't go to any lake can take a bucket of water and think that as Ganga river .Get a pandit near by and give this shri gandham mukka to him as daanam. Its not sandal wodd powder but sandal wood only.

Also on 17th May (Tuesday,Poornima and Vishakha Nakshatram).On this day give pachi shanagalu, yellow cloth and RED flowers also as daanam.

On May 12th, 17th and 19th give Guru related danyam(grain) which is Pachhi Shanagalu and also give yellow cloth. Don't just give a yellow pancha give a towel or 2 panchas.

On May 12th and 19th give anything you wish as daanam. Now a days at railways platforms, Geetha prasvalu( big mythological books at low price). If you can go to pushkaras then give these books as danam. If u can't go then on Thursday, Visakha nakshatram (tuesday) and last thursday give these books to near by pandit.

Medicine daanam: Pithru devathalu(elders) who had lost their life to a decease even after taking prescribed medicine.Only these people should give medicine as danam in order to give peace for their soul. Not everyone should give this medicine as danam.

Karpooram(Camphor) and Kasturi: This should be given on Fridays.

Kandamooladulu: Before giving this to a pandit find out whether he likes that ot not. Otherwise don't give them.

Ok guys i've completed the translation.

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