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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Grahabalam 1st May 2011 Rashi phalalu - This week

Hi everyone!

As its sunday.....Rashi phalalu this week.
C u 2morrow.

Grahabalam 1st May 2011 Rashi phalalu p1 by madhurikiranmai

Grahabalam 1st May 2011 Rashi phalalu p2 by madhurikiranmai


  1. hai madhuri madam. you are really great. I asked you to know that is there any puja to get success in love and you told that you will be telling about that in a week or how to contact siddanthi garu. and you didnt even tell. But my lover getting married this you are so helpful madam. that you helped alot thank. I kept hope on you, that you will tell me by contacting him and you didnt yet. and now he is becoming someonce husband and this is a big pain for my whole life. So madhuri you are so helpful yar. keep it up:D

  2. Hey Lakshmi! I'm really really pissed off.Its just u are blaming me for all ur problems.First of all u didn't ask me or anyone before loving the person.U loved that guy for 8yrs long years. Second of all, i was doing u a favour by willing to ask sidhanthi garu not knowing that he would be available or not coz he is a very very busy person.As most of the time his mobile is in switch off mode.Its not that i had the solution for ur problem and hadn't given u.Thirdly u didn't give me any details as ur Date of birth, time of birth or anything.U've given just a problem.

    And now the point is u blame me for u being in this position as ur lover is getting married in few days from now.U have the nerve to talk to me like that.Check ur words before talking girl.

    I may be little harsh but the fact is that he never really loved u.Otherwise after being in love for 8 yrs y would he leave u and get ready to marry another girl.Wat kind of person does that?Now ur saying that u can't marry another person while he is doing the same.U have invested all ur precious 8 long yrs for a person who never truly loved u.Ok lets just say...... if u married that guy secretly and after that he marries another woman because of his parents........where would u go then?
    So u should think that its better off this way than that.Have u ever thought of that?

    Never thought of ur parents ur sibblings before loving but u expect everyone to be there at ur rescue when u need them.Do ur parents even know abt ur love?

    As u are regular viewer of GRAHABALAM u might also know that sidhanthi garu has mentioned recently how lovers should first check their horoscope before getting into it.So get ur facts straight and lead life properly atleast now.Don't waste another moment for that guy who never truly loved u.Leave that chapter behind and lead a beautiful live ahead.Don't do anything stupid or idiotic. Do u ever think what it took ur parents to raise u up all these yrs. They have to go thru a lot , I know becoz i'm a parent too.So THINK OF THEM BEFORE DOING ANYTHING AGAIN.

    It really breaks my heart to see all the young kids like u falling in love at very young age and wasting all their precious time rather than investing in studies.My heart goes out to especially parents coz they go thru hell to give u proper education,shelter and provide u all necessary things in life.And u people take that for granted and do as u please.

    So now just forget abt ur love issue and never contact him ever again or even if he wants to be in contact with u.u just say that its over.That chapter is closed for ever.I know its easier said than done.But time is a great healer.I'm sure u will get thru this in time.Just think that this is a wake up call and get ur life into track.If u r still studying continue ur studies.Have a great career and make ur parents happy and proud.

    That's all i hav to say.

  3. hai Madhuri Garu, thank you for your answer. Am not blaming you. its the pain which made to ask you like that. anyway am extremely sorry for the message i ahve typed over here.
    the fact is that i fell in love due to my parents and syblings. you know what until i fall in love, i used to feel is love is a crime and i used to hate love and lovers. anyway whatever you have said, i will try to follow it. Thank you for your answer.:)But i have a doubt madam , u said that sidhanthi ji told to check astrology before loving. there will be no chance to check all those and love for anyone. before love starts when and were and on whom . we cannot say.

  4. "Sidhanthi garu has mentioned recently how lovers should first check their horoscope before getting into it".

    Hi Madhuri can you please tell me where can i found above mentioned sentence related video.

  5. Hello Ganesh!
    Sidhanthi garu usually says that how lovers need to check their horoscope before getting into it.Could u plz be precize as to which video u want and mention the approximate date atleast.

  6. Hi Lakshmi!
    its ok.But u seemed to be blaming me for not giving the solution.Isn't it? U r typical Indian girl who thinks no one loves u and so went in seek of love.But the fact is opposite.U need to stop and look back on what ur losing.I know its hard to go through this but its better late than never.U will get through this I'm 100% sure of it.So be brave and sort ur priorities straight.
    Ya i know loves happens and all.But as soon as u get into love u can check ur horoscope whether u have love marriage or arranged marriage.U would have saved a lot of pain and time for sure.Don't dwell on past.Ok Now whats done is done.Now move forward and make something useful and beautiful out of ur life.U have only 1 life so don't waste any second of it from now on.
    All the very best for ur future.Be brave and keep smiling



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