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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Grahabalam - Watch Guru, Shukra and New Moon on 26th March 2012 night

Watch Saptarishi mandal avishkar on 26th March 2012 night in the sky.

Shri Nandanama year has started on 26th March 2012, friday.This Nandana year's king is Shukra, adipathi is Sun.This deva(Sun) will be seen seated on Lion's chariot with 5 heads and 10 shoulders and glowing magnificiently.Similarly Shukra being both King and Minister is also special.This Shukra is adipathi(Pancha konakara mandaladheeshudu) of a mandal having 5 konas(corners) in the sky.Bhanu god having 5 heads and Shukra mandal having 5 konas when interpreted, its very rare when King and Ministry posts are given to the same planet which has occured in this Shri Nandana Ugadi, on 4th day its Ganesha damana pooja a very auspicious day, being Chandra(Moon) in Bharani nakshatra which is Shukra nakshatra, topping that this Chandra will be seen with Shri Nandana year's King which is Shukra and Guru(Jupiter) being formed a saptarishi mandal is a spectacular event which is so rare that it had happened after 100's of years.

So on 26th March 2012 Monday evening after sunset in west direction we can see Shri Nandana Senapathi(Commander in Chief) which is Guru(Jupiter) below, above that we can see the Nandana King which is Shukra(Venus) vibrantly glowing, and little above Shukra we can see half Moon as well.The shape formed when joining these three planets must be assumed as Saptharishi mandal.This Kalyug has 4 Lakhs 32 thousands years.At present we are in Shwetha varaha kalpa's Vyvasvatha Manvantharam.Total Manvantharas are 14. In this 7th Vyvasvatha manvanthara's day rushis are the Saptha rushis.

1. Vasishta    2.  Athri     3. Gautami      4.Kashyapa                      5.  Bharadwaja    6. Jamadagni      7.Vishwamithra

Think the above named Saptha rushis in mind on 26th March 2012 monday night while watching the 3 planets, think that there are these Saptha rushis along with the 3 planets and read the 77th name from Lalitha sahasranamam as many times as you want with all your devotion.

ఓం శ్రీ కామేశ్వర ముఖాలోక కల్పిత శ్రీగణేశ్వరాయై నమః 
Om Shri kaameshwara mukhaaloka kalpitha shriganeshwaraayai namah

OR pray to your ishta dyva.At this time, in pooja mandir of your house do deeparadhana(lit deepam) to your Ishta dyva on both sides.In the pramidha(deepam bowl) place a round vathi(wick) in centre and 2 long vathulu(wicks) horizontally and lit them.Similarly on other side in the pramidha(deepam bowl) place a round vathi(wick) in centre and 2 long vathulu(wicks) hotizontally and lit them.You can use any oil.  Devotion and faith is important.No need of fasting of any sort.That evening after dark , after learning that you can see the 3 planets then with all the devotion and faith , do deeparadhana in pooja mandir, do namaskar to the Agni deva(fire god) with total adherence, then come out and have a glance of 3 planets in west direction once and in that seek your ishta dyvas and pray to them.OR think of Shri Lalitha devi and  read these names watching those planets.Read atleast 7 paryayas and then enter your house and read another 7 paryayams in your pooja mandir and offer any nyvedyam you want.


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