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Friday, 23 March 2012

Grahabalam 23rd March 2012 - A VERY HAPPY UGADI WISHES TO ALL

                                     HAPPY UGADI


  1. Any news on Guru gaaru reappearing on Bhakti TV. Mornings without Guru gaaru in Bhakti TV is spoiling the whole day. Such is the impact he had on my life. Pl if anyone knows about Guru gaaru pl do let me know at

    1. Hello HR garu!

      Ya i know i can understrand. He'll be LIVE tomorrow don't worry.Be happy.And a very happy Ugadi to u and family


    2. Hi Madhuri,

      There is lot of impact in our daily life without gurugaru.
      Spoiling the entire whole day.
      We are such delightful to him.
      Please come back and reappear in Bhakthi tv as soon as possible.
      My heartful prayings to sree lalitha parambikafor that guru garu should reappear on bhakti tv soon.

      Santhosh Rani

  2. Respected Gargeya Garu,
    I Wish You a Very Happy Nandana Nama Samvathsara Subhakankshalu.
    It is a great loss to us for not publishing rasi palithalu by you in Bhakti Television. Also it is not even published in your web site. Please do the needful

  3. Sir, We dont want to miss you in the TV giving very useful advices astrologically to the people to go ahead with their lives in a best manner. We request the Bhakthi TV Management not to lose Sri Gargeya Garu for the filthy reasons with enviousness,
    jealousy on Sri Gargeya Garu who is rendering a Great Service to the mankind speaking truth though it is not divestive to many but knowing the truth will give us a right path. Regards. N.V.N. CHARYULU.

  4. Dear Gargeya garu and also Madhuri,

    Wish you and your family a very happy & prosperous UGADI.


    charisma in the public thats why they r trying to do some sort of damage to the siddantigaris image, but god forbid them nobody nobody and nothing can touch siddanti garu.The VOLACANO OF FAITH by us in him will always be there like an Armageddon. SATYA

  6. i wish u a vry hapy ugadhi.... its a vry great loss 4 all with u sir..... we wnt u bak......please cum again......

  7. Guruvu Garu

    meru Bhakti tv lo rakapote ma amma morning nundi emindo emindo ani chala mandi devulanu mokkuntune vunnaru Guruvu garu meru tv lo ravali ani me abhimanulam andaramu korukuntunnamu
    meku me family members andariki ma tarapuna ugadhi subhakankshalu

  8. Hello SanthoshRani garu! Giridhar garu! NVNCharyulu garu! Sri garu! Pubba satya garu! Chandra sekhar garu! and Preeti garu!

    I can understand all ur feelings coz i feel the same.So don't worry at all.Be happy.Sidhanthi garu will be LIVE tomorrow.Don't miss it.Thanks to almighty above.

    And lastly a very happy Ugadi to each and everyone of u.

  9. happy nandana naama ugadi subhakankshalu to you madhuri garu and sri siddhanthi guru garu. Such a great show and service to all, it is not just a show it is life enriching educational daily dose (grahabalam show) siddhanthi garu is a walking encyclopedia. Siddhanti garu cheppinattu pallu unna chettu meeda rallu paduthai ..kaaani chettu phalalu evattam maanadu kadaa, knowing siddhanthi garu he will be even more successful in helping all, we are all behind him supporting him.

  10. Namaskaram Guruvu garu. Neengal enga family member. Ungala bhakti tv la dinavom parakalta engelluku romba kashtama irruke. yeppo unga programme ma parpom. endo wife lakshmi ungalodu devotee. naan inum enga ella family members kathakindu irrukom ungala yeppu parpom.
    Ranganathan, Old safilguda.

  11. Meeru cheppinattu e roju kuda raledu

  12. hello madhuri,

    when the guruvugaru will reappear on the telivision........we all waiting for him,.......

  13. Respected Gargeya Garu

    Wish you and your family a very happy & prosperous UGADI. NANDANA Nama Telugu vatsara Shubhakankshalu.Hope Guruvu garu will reappear in Bhakthi tv as soon as possible.

    thanq sir

  14. Respected Gargeya Guruvu garu,
    I am Syam Kumar. viewer of Bhakti TV and following the remidies told by our guruji, suddenly our guruji is not appearing on BHAKTI TV, what happened please come back and guide us in such a way

  15. We will be happy if a repeated episode is given during late nights around 9 to 10 PM with GURU GARU Please ............


  16. Dear Sir,

    Like we start our day with Sunrise, we are looking in the same way Bhakti TV Channel should start it's day after Lord Ganesh followed by week days God's and immediately with Guruji's program, to run our day with Blessings

  17. Sidhanthi gari ki paadabi vandanaalu,mi aashirvaadam yellapadu maa paina mari prajalu paina undaali anni koruthunanu,siddanthi gaaru We are really feeling bad that we are really missing you in grahabalam in bakthi tv.we are really unfortunate to miss u as You are next to God who is showing the right Way in our life,So please siddanthi garu plz come back to give the programm.the society & the people are really in Need of you siddanthi garu,our Support is always With u Siddanthi garu,
    plz do come back to the tv programm.
    Namasthe Siddanthi Gaaru,

  18. Dear Bhaki TV Officials,
    Please get Sidhanti Garu back to Bhakti TV and only that will bring peace to world as his whole objective was to bring in prosperity and good will in people. Every day was like a festival day when Gargeya garu was talking to mass on Bhakti TV.

  19. guru garu raani bhakti tvlo nenu ye program chudledu madhuri garu! when he will come???

  20. Madam Madhuri Garu,
    ఈరోజు అనగా 24-03-2012, కూడా సిద్దాంతి గారు BAKTHI TV లో రాలేదు కారణం తెలియ లేదు

  21. Dear Gargeygaru and madhuri happy ugadhi. Eagerly waiting for his comeback on TV.we r all with u sir.

  22. hai garageya siddhanthi garu a very very happy ugadi to u and ur family members pls come again by our family members

  23. Sidhanthi garu.. Meeku padahabhi vandhanalu!!
    We request heartfully Guru garu to come back and restart the show on Bakthi TV.It is real big loss for us that we are not getting guru dharshanam every morning. We consider this as big time punishment as soon as new year started. We need his blessings through Grahabalam everyday and that now we expect Guru garu on TV tomorrow morning.

    Sri Nandananama Ugadhi subhakakshalu to Guru garu and every one.


  24. Dear Siddanti and Madhuri gari ki,

    Nandana nama samvastara subhakankshalu.

    best wishes,

  25. Namaste Gargaya Garu,

    Happy Ugadi,

    We all want to see you soon on Grahabalam. Wish u Good Luck.

    Priya Reddy-NJ

  26. Namadte siddanti garu,
    we disappointed for not appearing our guruji on ugadi day and not hearing panchangm and rasipalalu. we pray god ammani to appear programme as usual and tell us remedies and details of kalasa pujas regularly.
    prathap suraparaju,nellore.

  27. Guruvu gariki satha koti padabhivandanalu.
    Meeru karana janmulu. Eemi asinchakunda enthamandi
    samasyalaku pariskaralu chupistunnaru. Satya harichandrunike kastalu tappaledu. Mee vanti mahanubhavulu ilanti vatiki kopaginchukuni maalanti lakshala mandini nirrasa parchakandi. Konni lakshala mandi meeru chupinchina margamlo jeevithalanu chakkadiddukontunnaru. Dayachesi malli prati roju mee darshanabhagyam kalpinchandi, maalanti variki margam chupinchandi....

  28. Namaste Gargeya siddhanthi Garu,


    Every day we were sitting in front of T.V to see you back,When we see u in the early morning by listening your words the day is very good.Siddhanthi Garu, we all want to see you back as early as possible.We all need your blessings.Please come back soon, we are weagerly waiting to see you.

  29. Respected Guruji and other friends viewing and listening to the famous GRAHABALAM programmes,
    All of us have immense respect for Shri Gargeya garu.The programmes have become very very popular, besides being very helpful in solving the various problems of the listeners, as also their family-members, besides many of their friends and relatives.He has also been helpful in giving much moral strength to the questioners & listerners, by assuring them of goodthings in their lives which gives them moral strength!
    We do not understand how this has caused unhappiness to some circles and God only should give them sane and good thinking so that the unhappiness they caused/causing to all the beneficiaries of the programmes will not give any unhappiness to them , sooner or later!!
    Let all of us also thank the Bhakti TV channel & all others who are responsible for the programmes,not to mention about our beloved GURUJI, for the help they are rendering to the millions of people within India and abroad, and pray to them to continue the programmes, with a missionary zeal,undeterred by the hurdles coming in the way, in this great task. All of us are with you for any kind of support that may be necessary for that. The moral support is already with U and may Goddess LALITAMBIKA help us to do good and save agains the evils!!!
    Yours sincerely,

    Ph> 09866630459.

  30. Hi Maduri and Sidhanthi garu,

    Belated Happy Ugadi to both of you. Please tell me when sidhanthi garu will be live again. In our family we start day with guru garu's words. we follow all the remidies and poojas told by sidhanthi garu. so, please we all want siddhanthi garu back as soon as possible. We are eagerly waiting for you.... We miss you sir...

  31. please come back please come back without you our life is miserable. where are you. no news about you. we want to meet you and see you. let us know where you are.

  32. Dear Gargeya garu and also Madhuri,

    Wish you and your family a very happy & prosperous UGADI New year.

    It is very bad thing happened, human beings attack gargeya and to stop his activities, that was the motive behind this query.

    I am the person i will support him.

    without your preachings there is no ugadi for us.

    bhakthi tv owner should be with you. this should happen now, then only the future shows for astrolgy lowers.

    r nagabhushanam


    1. Gargeya was a jewel in the Bhakti TV crown. The charm has to be bought back. No other Sidhandhi can do justice to the Grabalam programme. We wish to see a smiling Gargeya who is to infuse a lot of confidence to millions in this mundane world

  33. hi all,
    5 people who don't like guruvu garu created so much of havoc in TV channel and thousands of honest followers around the world are just updating the website.
    why can't you guys go and fight for guruvu garu just like those 5 people went to HRC.

    if we all like guruvu garu so much, we should go in thousands to HRC and fight for him.

  34. hai gurugaru. we r very happy to see all your episodes
    till 21st march bzc we used to have very good
    pleasent morning by your dharshan but we r very unhappy bzc he didnot get u r dharshan from 22rd march
    we are requesting you to comeback and continue the grahabalam other wise are not intrested to watch grahabalam without gurugaru.bakthi tv officels please get back the guru.



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