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Friday, 27 January 2012

Grahabalam 27th Jan 2012

People if u like to share ur Kalasha pooja's images, u may please mail it to this mail id


View half moon(Nelavanka) and Venus(Shukra) together on 26th Jan 2012 in Hyd before 8:54pm on Nyruthi disha.Show the coin(3rd Kalasha Pooja's Raksha kavacha) to Moon and Shukra and get it activated

On Feb 3rd (Friday) activate the white cloth with triangle(4th Kalasha pooja) by showing it to the Lord Sun(Ravi)just first 1 to  2 hrs after sunrise.or 5th Feb(Sunday)

NOTE: People who have missed to activate raksha kavach(coin) on 26th Jan 2012 by showing the coin to the Nelavanka(half moon) and Shukra(Venus) can do the same by showing it to Lord Ravi(Sun)
On 30th Jan 2012 (Monday), Ratha sapthami day morning after sunrise till mid afternoon(12:00pm) show the coin to the Lord Sun

People who miss to activate or show any raksha kavach on specific day or time as said by sidhanthi garu can  activate them on  specific THITHIS's and NAKSHATRA's as mentioned below.

NOTE: The thithi or nakshatra must be there from more till evening. This implies not only for people who live in India but also people from around the globe.


Shukla Paksha Saptami

Shukla Paksha Ekadashi


Bahula Ekadashi


Moola Nakshatra(any day of the week or any thithi)

The next dates are 30th Jan, 3rd Feb,7th Feb or 17th Feb 2012

3rd Kalasha pooja Raksha Kavach (coin) activation timings

New York, L.A, Texas, California morning 9:00am to 10:00am
London, Singapore, Malaysia,Kaulalumpur - after sunset evening

4th Kalasha pooja day for all the countries

India,London, Singapore,Hong Kong, Kaulalumpur
28th Jan 2011 - before 10:00am

Los Angles, Chicago, New York, Texas, Washing DC, Florida, Houston , Detroit,Jackson Ville, Virginia,Atlanta
27th Jan 2011 can do either in the morning before 10:00am or in the evening between 6:00pm to 8:00pm   

Who all can do this kalasha pooja:

1) People who have done 1st , 2nd and 3rd kalasha pooja can do 4th kalasha pooja on 28th Jan 2012.If failed to do on 28th Jan can do the 4th Kalasha Pooja on 14th March.

2) People who have done 1st and 2nd but didn't not do the 3rd kalasha pooja should not do the 4th Kalasha pooja on 28th Jan.    So do the 3rd Kalasha Pooja on 12th March and 4th Kalasha Pooja on 14th March                                                                                                                                                   
3) People who have done only 1st Kalasha pooja can do all the 3 kalasha poojas at once on 12th March and 4th Kalasha Pooja   on 14th March

 4) People who have done 1st KP ,didn't do the 2nd KP(no red pogula daaram raksha kavach) but did the 3rd kalasha pooja , they can't do the 4th Kalasha pooja.

5) People who have not done any Kalasha Pooja's till now can do first 3 Kalasha Pooja's at once on 4th March and do the 4th Kalasha pooja on 14th March

Which day to do the kalasha pooja:

 On  28th Jan 2012 ,Saturday
At what time this pooja has to be done:

 Morning between  8:00am to 10:00am ONLY.

Who should do the kalasha pooja:

1) One Kalasha for all members of family.

2) If there is one member in the family and they have prob then you can go to the neighbour who does kalasha pooja and think that kalash as yours and pray.

3) Women who are having periods mustn't do this pooja.

4) Single person, couple, widow, widower, unmarried or old people anyone can do the pooja.

Raksha kavach for this kalasha pooja:

White colored kerchief or cloth which has triangled marked in it with turmeric and has 1 big tilak(kukum) in centre and 15 small tilaks(Kumkum) all around.You can check the video for more details HERE

What do we need to do for Kalasha pooja:

1) Kalasha can be of any material like ragi(bronze), steel , vendi(silver) or pottery

2) We need a White colored kerchief with triangle and tilaks as mentioned above.

3) Swasthik marked kerchief which we used in all kalasha poojas

4) Red thread of 11 pogulu(2nd Kalasha pooja raksha kavach)

5) We need the coin from 3rd Kalasha pooja

6) Coconut

7) Water to pour in kalasha(for fragnance add some Cardamom(elachi) in the water)

8) Get any flowers

Procedure to do the pooja:

1.  Take the ragi vessel or any material(kalasha).

2.  Pour some pure water into the kalasha and also add some Cardamom(elachi) for fragnance.

3.  Now place 5  mango leaves around the Kalasha.

4.  Now place a coconut on the Kalasha(place the head on the leaves not the v-shaped into water).

5.  Take a wooden plank or stand(peeta)

6.  Place any colour cloth on it.

7.  Pour some rice on the peeta.

8. Then place the swasthik marked white kerchief on the rice.

9. Place the White colored kerchief with triangle and tilaks(It should be little less in size of swathik marked white kerchief)

10. Now place  the kalasha on the both the white cloths.

11. Place the red coloured 11 pogulu(2nd Kalasha pooja raksha kavach) thread on the coconut as garland.

12. Keep the coin(3rd Kalasha pooja raksha Kavach) in front of the kalasha.

To have a clear idea on how to do Kalasha pooja(video showing Kalasha pooja)  please watch this video  HERE

Read the names of Lalitha Sahasranamam

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamalu to be read for Kalasha pooja on 28th Jan 2012

Names : Please see Sri Lalita Sahasranama Name 71st

ఓం జ్వాలామాలినికాక్షిప్త  వహ్నిప్రాకార మద్యగాయై నమః

Om jwaalaamaalinikaakshipta  vahnipraakaara madyagaayai nam@h

How to read:

1. U may read the name either  27 times or 54 times or 108 times .As u wish

People who can't read the names:

Just pray with all faith, concentration and devotion.


Bellam Pongali(Jaggery, rice and chana dal)

Procedure of pooja contd:

Lit a deepam(any oil) and read the names then offer nyvedyam, harathi.

After reading the names and pray for everything you wish for, just move the Kalasha as to say udvasana(end) to the Kalasha pooja.

The 2 white cloths and the coin must be removed and be kept safe in almarah

Activation of 4th Kalasha pooja's raksha kavach:  White colored kerchief or cloth which has triangled marked and 16 tilaks on it.

This raksha kavach( White colored triangle marked kerchief or cloth)must be activated on 30th Jan or 3rd Feb or 7th Feb or 17th Feb 2012.

The white kerchief(triangle marked raksha kavach) must be activated by showing it to Lord Ravi(Sun) between sunrise to 12:00pm afternoon and read the following names.

Names to be read for activation of 4th raksha kavach(triangle marked raksha kavach) are as follows

U can either read it from Lalitha sahasranama stothram or Lalitha sahasranamavali.

Read as many times as u can.

Lalitha sahasranama stothram:

 అదృశ్యా దృశ్యరహితా విజ్ఞాత్రి వేద్యవర్జితా
యోగినీ యోగదా యోగ్యా యోగనందా యుగంధరా - 129    

 adRSyaa dRSyarahitaa vijnaatri vEdyavarjitaa
yOginii yOgadaa yOgyaa yOganandaa yugandharaa - 129 


Lalitha sahasranamavali:

     ఓం అదృశ్యాయై నమః  
     ఓం దృశ్యరహితాయై నమః
     ఓం విజ్ఞాత్ర్యై నమః     
     ఓం వేద్యవర్జితాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగిన్యై నమః
     ఓం యోగదాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగ్యాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగానందాయై నమః
     ఓం యుగంధరాయై నమః 

     Om adRSyaayai nam@h     

     Om dRSyarahitaayai nam@h

     Om vijnaatryai nam@h     

     Om vEdyavarjitaayai nam@h  

     Om yOginyai nam@h  

     Om yOgadaayai nam@h 

     Om yOgyaayai nam@h 

     Om yOgaanandaayai nam@h  

     Om yugandharaayai nam@h


1. Women whose spouse has expired recently should not do the kalasha pooja till a year.
2. If the swasthik mark is drawn in opposite direction then its useless and doesn't count.So need to do again.
3. No fasting of any sort.If u wish to do fasting then u can.Its all upto u.

By now I hope all of your doubts have been cleared.

 Audio File:  HERE


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