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Friday, 9 December 2011

Grahabalam 9th Dec 2011

  •  Lunar eclipse in detail

 Lunar eclipse 10th Dec 2011

In Lalitha sahasranamam sthothram,94th, 95th and 96th slokas each of 2 lines of total 6 lines

At the time of Lunar eclipse, all 12 rashi people should be read the above stated slokas.

Eclipse starts at 6:16pm and ends at 9:48pm.So take pattu snanam(bath) before the start of the eclipse and then read the slokas stated above.The eclipse would be for total of 212 mts

You can read the slokas as many times as you want
Even if u read it 1 time with faith it will be equivalent to 1 Lakh times
If you read atleast 108 times then it would be equivalent to 108 Lakh times
Why this has so much of importance?

Because of the planetory situations at that time gives just reading 1 time equals to lakh times

After reading the slokas, pray to Ishta diva about your desires in your heart secretly

All the important matters to be prayed on the Lunar eclipse day for all the 12 rashis as below

 1) Mesha rashi:  Pray for good health only.It doesn't matter if job or business isn't there

 2) Vrushabha rashi:  Pray to avoid quarrels with the neighbour when a house or apartment is constructed

 3) Mithuna rashi:  Pray not to get into situations where these jataka people say something by mistake and apologise later,the other person may even get physical.

 4) Karkataka rashi: Be cautious towards your health.Even some small health issues must be attented.

 5) Simha rashi:  Try to avoid unnecessary expenditures.When you think of expenditure think of ur desires in your heart.

 6) Kanya rashi: As its Janma rashi of A.P. Wish for well being of others because we are one among all.

 7) Tula rashi: Be honest in what ever you do.

 8) Vrushchika rashi: Try to control critisizing everyone.Rather try to avoid critisizing others

 9) Dhanus rashi: Try to follow good healthy habits

10) Makara rashi: Suggestions given by friends or well wishers may have some faults in them.So try to rectify and move forward.

11) Kumbha rashi: Matters related to children should be given utmost importance

12) Meena rashi: Try to gain financial status or ways to get to the path of success

Ok guys that's it .I'm done translating,  c u all 2morrow.


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