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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Grahabalam 20th Dec 2011


  •  3rd Kalasha pooja - details ep 4


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Dates for people who live abroad to do the 3rd Kalasha pooja:

1. London and Germany: 20th dec 2011 evening between  6:00pm to 8:00pm

2. New York, Detroit, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Washington DC, Washington and near by places: 20th dec 2011 morning between 7:00am to 11:00am

3. Sydney,Hong Kong, Singapore , Pakistan and Malaysia: 21st Dec 2011 morning between  6:00am to 10:00am

Conditions to do this kalasha pooja:


1. People who have done 1st and 2nd can do the 3rd kalasha pooja.

2. People who have done 1st but missed the 2nd can do the 3rd one.

3. People who have not done 1st but did only 2nd can also do the 3rd one

Not eligible:
1. People who haven't done both kalasha poojas must not do this kalasha pooja.

Next Kalsha pooja:  

Don't worry if any of you haven't done the kalasha poojas or missed one kalasha pooja.

On 4th March 2012 kharanama samvasthra, shukla paksha eka dashi thithi, punarvasu nakshatra, sunday is the 4th kalsha pooja

On this day, people have missed the previous kalasha poojas can do all 3 kalasha pooja at once.

Which day to do the kalasha pooja:

 On  21st  Dec 2011 , wednesday , swathi nakshatra 
At what time this pooja has to be done:

      Morning between  6:00am to 10:00am ONLY.

Who should do the kalasha pooja:

1) One Kalasha for all members of family.

2) If there is one member in the family and they have prob then you can go to the neighbour who does kalasha pooja and think that kalash as yours and pray.

3) Women who are having periods mustn't do this pooja.

4) Single person, couple, widow, widower, unmarried or old people anyone can do the pooja.

Raksha kavach for this kalasha pooja:

Ragi or silver coin or gold ( old coin or new which has value in market)
Note: It doesn't mean it should be Indian coin only.It can be any coin but must have market value

You can use 1 , 2 or more coins as you wish.But 1 will be enough for a family.

Secrets of rakshaka kavach:

1. Some people would hesitate telling matters related to their children.They can't even speak to their parents.This rakshaka  kavach would help these people not only for them but will help their children.

2. This rakshaka kavach would resolve financial problems and help you gain stability.It gives Raja yoga.

3. People who are suffering from health issues and at same time having financial issues must do this pooja and get the kavach

4. People who wish to purchase vehicle(2 or 4 wheeler), people who have vehicle but have some problems.When anyone wish to  

5. People who have life's goal but need the way.This kavacha would pave the way to reach your goal.

6. Most Imp: This raksha kavach is very useful in curing all the skin deseases

What do we need to do for Kalasha pooja:

1) We need a coin as mentioned above

2) Kalasha can be of any material like ragi(bronze), steel , vendi(silver) or pottery

3) Coconut

4) water to pour in kalasha(for fragnance add some Cardamom(elachi) in the water)

5) Swasthik marked white kerchief (which we got from 1st or 2nd KP).

6) Get any flowers

Procedure to do the pooja:

1.  Take the ragi vessel or any material(kalasha).

2.  Keep the the coin inside the kalasha.

3.  Pour some pure water into the kalasha and also add some Cardamom(elachi) for fragnance.

4.  Now place mango leaves around the Kalasha.

5.  Now place a coconut on the Kalasha.

7.  Take a wooden stand(peeta)

8.  Place any colour cloth on it.

9.  Pour some rice on the peeta.

10. Then place the swasthik marked white kerchief on the rice.

11. Now place  the kalasha on the swasthik marked white kerchief.

To have a clear idea on how to do prepare Kalasha please watch this video  HERE

Read the names of Lalitha Sahasranamam

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamalu to be read for Kalasha pooja on 21st Dec 2011

Names : Please see Sri Lalita Sahasranama Namas from 475th  to 484th

From the above we need only 4 names

That is 475th,  479th,  480th and  484th

          ఓం విశుద్ధిచక్రనిలయాయై   నమః

      ఓం వదనైకసమన్వితాయై నమః  

      ఓం పాయసాన్నప్రియాయై నమః

      ఓం డాకినీశ్వర్యై నమః

475th name  :  Om ViSuddhichakranilaayai nam@h 
479th name :   Om vadanaikasamanvitaayai nam@h              
480th name  :  Om paayasaannapriyaayai nam@h   
484th name  :  Om DaakiniiSvaryai nam@h  

How to read:
1. Read each name 27 times


2. Read 4 names at once and repeat the same 27 times.

Total would add up to be 108 times

People who can't read the names:

Just pray with all faith, concentration and devotion.


Payasam made of rice and jaggery.

Procedure of pooja contd:

Lit a deepam(any oil) and read the names then offer nyvedyam, harathi.

After reading the names and pray for everything you wish for, just move the Kalasha as to say udvasana(end) to the Kalasha pooja.

The coin must be removed the next day before 6:00am

While removing the coin or coins the following names must be read.

110th line -- a single line with 7 names of Lalitha devi

535th name to 541th name

    ఓం స్వాహాయై నమః
   ఓం స్వధాయై  నమః
   ఓం మత్యై  నమః
   ఓం మేధాయై  నమః
   ఓం  శ్రుత్యై  నమః
   ఓం స్మృత్యై  నమః   
   ఓం అనుత్తమాయై  నమః  

 Om svaahaayai nam@h

  Om svadhaayai  nam@h

  Om matyai  nam@h

  Om mEdhaayai  nam@h

  Om Srutyai  nam@h 

  Om smRtyai  nam@h    

  Om anuttamaayai  nam@h 

1. Read these names while removing the coin from kalasha
2. Its not necessary to read the names number of times.Once is enough.
3. After removing the coin just keep it on eyes and place some where safe in almarah.
4. Later what to be done will be told by sidhanthi garu


1. Women whose spouse has expired recently should not do the kalasha pooja till a year.
2. If the swasthik mark is drawn in opposite direction then its useless and doesn't count.So need to do again.
3. No fasting of any sort.

I hope all of your doubts have been cleared by now.


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