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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Grahabalam 16th August 2011 Abt Shukra Ravi conjuction and more

  • Tip for Swathi Nakshatra
    • Today's Shukra - Ravi conjunction in planetory situations
       Today Sidhanthi garu told abt above topics.

      Here is the audio file:    MEDIAFIRE

      Tip for Swathi nakshatra people: Avoid red color.Give preference to Green coloured clothes except on Tuesdays. Use Green colored clothes whether be it bed sheets, pillow covers, towels, dhothis, under wears or T- shirts as well.So use green clothes on all days except on TUESDAYS.

      Shukra - Ravi conjuction:

      Shukra - Ravi conjunction is occurring in Kartaka rashi.

      No 2: The effect of Shukra - Ravi conjuction is on various fields.Which are as follows

      1) Software Engineers
      2) Cinema field
      3) Gold business men
      4) Clothing business people
      5) Communication filed or Electronics

      How long this conjunction has its effect: 5 days after Deepavali

      Precautions to be taken in these aspects:  Should take care in earnings related, debts related or any financial transactions

      No 3: The effect implies on married couples only:

      If anyone one of the spouse gets irritated and says few words then the better half shouldn't react immediately and say something.So please be patient otherwise the matter would end up in court.

      Ok i'm finished translating

      Grahabalam 16th August 2011 Abt Shukra Ravi by madhurikiranmai

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