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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Grahabalam 15th August 2011 - Abt how to place elephants for Lakshmi kataksham and more

  • Tomorrow's Shukra - Ravi conjunction in planetory situations
  • How to place and clean the elephants at home for Lakshmi kataksham
  • Success story of placing elephants at home
Today Sidhanthi garu told abt above topic.

Success story of  Placing elephants for Lakshmi Kataksham:

A viewer from Chittor named Rayasam Durga Prasad has kept elephants on Vara Lakshmi vratham day.He does shares business.The value of share before keeping elephants was Rs 75 has dropped down to Rs 15 but just after keeping elephants at home in an hour has increased to 15%.He has expressed his happiness in form of letter and sent it to the Bhakthi TV studio.

Abt tomorrows Shukra - Ravi conjunction in present planetory motions:  Shukra and Ravi are conjucted in same degree which resulted in Grahamalika Yoga in August as we already know.From 1st Sept 2011(Vinayaka Chathurthi) there is another Grahamalika Yoga.Between these 2 Grahamalika yogas is Shukra - Ravi conjunction.

The necessary precautions needed to be taken are as follows:

No 1: People working in computer fields, don't leave your jobs.Don't even plan to change your field or resign.

 The topic would be continued tomorrow.

Ok bye

Here is the audio file:    MEDIAFIRE

Grahabalam 15th August 2011 Abt placing elephants by madhurikiranmai

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