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Thursday, 7 April 2011

People who have followed the IMP tips and their success stories

ఈ బ్లాగు విచ్చేసిన సందర్శకులందరికి  నా హ్రుదయ పూర్వక నమఃసుమాంజలి తో స్వాగతం సుస్వాగతం

Namasthe and Hello first time viewers and blog  followers!


It gives me immense joy and happiness to bring this post especially because these are the success stories of people who have followed the important  tips told by Sidhanthi garu having full faith and trust.

One more thing i want to mention is that people who followed tips and got results as told by sidhanthi garu please leave ur details  here.

Be an example and inspiration for others to follow


  1. Hi Madhuri
    First of all many many thanks for sharing this great videos and info. related to Nagadoshams and other remedies… which are really very very helpful to people like me.
    1. As per the instructions of Siddhanthi garu, I am doing the Kuja-guru pariharam for the past 4 months. My little son’s health is improving a lot…studying well. Really I am very happy to inform you this.
    2. my second success story : Tieying Tamalapaakulu as every tuesday as Toranam…(doing this for many weeks)… seeing lot of improvements in my family. I asked the sisters and sister-in-law (who are at Chennai and Kuppam, near bangalore) to follow the same every tuesday…simulataneously they are getting benifitted by this simple remedy.. this is really great!
    Simply I can say… that “whatever Siddhanti garu is saying… we are just following…with belief..that’s all…”
    I personally believe that my guru Shirdi Saibaba is showing solutions to our problems through Gargeya Siddhanthi garu”..I strongly believing this.
    “Daivam Manusha Rupena”…
    Please do post the videos and information about grahabalam shows..which are really helpful to many of us..
    I am sharing your blog URL to all my family members and friends..
    My heartful of pranamams to Siddhanti garu.
    Wish you all the best in your efforts

  2. Hello Anuradha garu!

    The pleasure is all mine. First of all i can't find words to express, I felt elated reading ur comment. I'm very very happy to have read ur comment and u being our first success story in our blog.Thank u for taking time and posting ur comment, really appreciate it.

    I'm very very happy for u saying that ur problems being solved gradually.Keep doing it.Keep doing them i'm sure they'll be washed totally.

    Ya I know god has mysterious ways of blessing us.
    Sharing is caring which is i believe.

    I'm sure sidhanthi garu can feel ur appreciation.
    Thanks once again

  3. Hello Madhuri Garu,
    Hope you had a great Radha Sapthami.
    Can you please give the link of video or audio file for tamalapaakulu and maamidi toranaalu and how this remedy will help.

    I greatly appreciate your help.

    Sidhanthi Gariki paadaabhivandanamulu.


  4. Hi Harishri garu!

    I've already posted them u can have a look at the recent posts.


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