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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Grahabalam 7th April 2011

Hi everyone!

Today Sidhanthi garu continued the topic abt when Jupiter leaves  Meena rashi and enters Mesha rashi on May 8th 2011.How it effects on all 12 rashis.

Today was abt KUMBHA and MEENA rashis.

11) Kumbha Rashi:  Now Guru is in 2nd house. From 8th May 2011, Guru enters 3rd house as Rajitha Moorthi.

Because of that indirectly get benifited  a lot.Importantly elbow problems would be solved. Quarrels among brothers would be vanished. There will be increase in showing  love and effection with relatives.

11)Meena Rashi:  Meena rashi adipathi is Guru. Guru is now in Meena rashi. On May 8th 2011 ,guru will enter 2nd house as Loha Moorthi.

Because of that money expenditure will be there. It could be on useful or useless expenditure. Expenditure would exceed expectations. With this, there could be financial inflation, so be careful. Eye related problem may also occur.Please see an eye specialist rather than taking own mediation. So save money for the future use.

This Month Nagadisha-Remedies had to do on specific days which is on 10th April 2011(this month 7 days are there) So sidhanthi garu will tell again abt that on Saturday.

Continuation of Nagadosha - Remedy  special episode ----when Kuja and Budha conjunction is there will be told by sidhanthi garu soon enough.

Grahabalam 7th April 2011 by madhurikiranmai

Bye for 2day


  1. sir,
    this is very helpful for who didn't see that time by some reasons.
    sir, please tellme any remedies for jobs...
    it will b very helpful who didn't have jobs... i.e unemployers like me.....
    i mean what we are doing for jobs....
    please sir,please ...please tell me sir...please...

  2. sir,job kosam mem emain i mean dosha nivaranalu cheste job vastunda?
    elanti poojalu cheyali?
    plz sir,dayachesi cheppandi..?
    nen btech chesanu.but job led...plz sir,cheppandi..

  3. Narender Reddy8 April 2011 at 01:12

    Hello Madhuri,
    Thanks once again giving information up to date, I want ask that did you meet guru garu personal or you have him contact because I have some doubts to ask him, as you know I'm in Melbourne not able to meet him if you can do to some thing to contact him that would be great. If it is privacy issuse please mail to my gmail ID thanks.



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