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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Grahabalam 24th feb 2011 Must see IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific days part 5

Hi everyone!

Today some remaining tips on  Shani nakshatra(Pushyami) and also Jupiter nakshatras Poorva Bhadra, Vishakha and Punarvasu.

3)Pushyami:     When Occurs on  Saturday and Thursday

a)Pushyami:     When Occurs on  Saturday

Purpose of Use:         Betterment of Health

Which day and timings to pray:

Saturday         Sunrise to sunset
Who should do:    People who are having Ashtama Shani, Arshashtama shani  Elinati Shani and people who are running Shani mahadasha in their horoscopes.

What to do: Should do pooja(worship) shani graha in temple.
God to worship:      Lord Shani

b)Pushyami:     When Occurs on  Thursday.

Imp Info:  Pushyami nakshatra when occurs on  thursday is equal to Guru pushya yoga.

Note:The nakshatra need not be till evening. If its till the first hour then ok.

What to do:

Immediately after sunrise take bath and get ready. Now walk 1km distance being silence and return home. Don't talk even if you are forced to talk not evening wishing or greeting back.

At that time, think about your future plans. These thoughts would mostly be successful.

There are 3 Jupiter nakshatras  which are Poorva Bhadra, Vishakha and Punarvasu.

1)Poorva Bhadra:     When Occurs on  Wednesday and Saturday

a)Poorva Bhadra:     When Occurs on  Wednesday.

Purpose of Use:         For business people this combination is brilliant.

Which day and timings to pray:

Wednesday        Before 9:00am

Who should do this :   All Business people(small or big)

What to do:    Take a small Jaggery piece(abt 50 gms) in a glass and  pour some water before 9:00am only. In the evening,throw the jaggery water far away even if its not dissolved.

b)Poorva Bhadra:     When Occurs on  Saturday

Purpose of Use:    Business people who are in loss and are running the business just for namesake. And people who are successful can also do this remedy.

Saturday       Till afternoon 12:00pm. Nakshatra need not be the wholeday

What to do:  At Agneya direction, lit a deepam with 2 vathulu(wicks) and use nyvvula nune(sesame oil).


2) Vishakha:     When occur on Mondays and Fridays

Purpose of Use:         who want to avoid deceit or betray by their friends and want them to be trustworthy.

Which day and timings to do remedy:

Mondays          From sunrise to sunset

Fridays             From sunrise to sunset

What to do:   Give your friend anything sweet like prasad, chocolate or even home made laddu.If nothing is there you can give sugar or jaggery also.

If possible you take the same sweet from his hand and eat. Like sharing.

Then there'll be nice bonding between them.

3)Punarvasu:     When occurs on  Saturdays and Thursdays

a)Punarvasu:     When occurs on  Saturdays

Note: The nakshatra must be from sunrise to sunset.

Purpose of Use:       Ladies who want to die before their spouses(deerga sumangaliga povalanukunewaru) and who want deerga sumangali yogam(who wish for long life of spouse)

What to do: Married ladies must give a fruit or flower to another married woman.

b)Punarvasu:     When occurs on Thursdays

Purpose of Use:

Which day and timings to do remedy:

Thursday             morning to afternoon 12:00pm

What to do: Wear white dress and think hard with brain and heart . White is related to moon.You'll get nice thoughts and take decisions.

GB 25-2-11 IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific... by madhurikiranmai


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