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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Grahabalam 23rd Feb 2011- Must see IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific days part 4

Hi everybody!

Today is also continuation of yesterday's topic.

Today is Shani Nakshatras which are Uttara Badra,Anuradha and Pushyami.

Uttara Badra:   When Occurs on  Tuesday and Thursday

a)Uttara Badra:   When Occurs on Tuesday

Purpose of Use:     For removing NaraDrishti(envy,jealous and bad eye on oneself)

Timings to pray:

Tuesday                Before 10:00am

Note:  If Uttara badra nakshatra is till morning 10:00am its enough,  need not be whole day.

What to do:

People who think they have Naradrishti, as soon as they wake and after nature calls, take a handful(fistful) of  salt and make a packet  keep it in your pocket.Keep it in your pocket till evening.Before sunset and coming home throw the salt outside somewhere.

b)Uttara Badra:   When Occurs on Thursday specially and only for Ladies.

Note: When Occurs on Thursday with Poornima which is rare, comes once in every year is even greater day for ladies.
Purpose of Use:     Ladies are fond of  gold jewellery

What to do:   Its not possible for ladies to buy jewellery everytime,so they can save small amounts and keep them in a kiddy bank or cover. In time the saved money would increase and can buy gold jewellery later.

Note:  If Uttara badra nakshatra is till morning 10:00am its enough, need not be whole day.

2)Anuradha :   When Occurs on Wednesday and Saturday.

a) Anuradha :   When Occurs on Wednesday

Purpose of Use: People who live in rent houses have vasthu doshas. But due to some unavoidable reasons like the place is near office or schools for children or its centre or near the bus stop, so they can't vacate the place. Even if u suggest owner, he'll say he can't correct.

Note: Do this atleast once a year. And the nakshatra MUST be till sunrise to sunset.

What to do:

1) Take a fistful of  pesallu(whole green gram) and a fistful of  black  Nuvvulu(Black sesame seeds) and tie them together in a black cloth and on sunrise hang it at simhadwaram(entrance of the house).

2)Let it be till sunset.After sunset remove it and throw it far from home.

3)If u can't hang it at entrance ,just hang it in varanda.That's it

All vasthu doshas are eliminated.

b)Anuradha :   When Occurs on  Saturday.

Purpose of use:  Gold will not go for takattu(amt on gold) or gold never returns home and it goes for sale as not paying the loan.

What to do:  Take the the gold in both your hands and offer namaskaram to gold(Lakshmi devi) and ,if possible wear it that day.

GB23-2-11 IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific... by madhurikiranmai

That's it

c u'll

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