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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Grahabalam 18th Jan 2011 Nagadosha - people who don't know Nakshatras

Hi !

Today little information about Nagadosha - remedies.

People who don't know what their Nakshatrams and Horoscopes are divided into 9 categories.They are as follows.

1.  People who are 23 yrs and below comes under 1st category.

2.  People who are 24,25 and 26 yrs comes under 2nd category.

3.  People who are 27,28,29 and 30 yrs comes under 3rd category.

4.  People who are 31 to 35 yrs comes under 4th category.

5.  People who are 36 to 41 yrs comes under 5th category.

6.  People who are 42 to 48 yrs comes under 6th category.

7.  People who are 49 to 56 yrs comes under 7th category

8.  People who are 57 to 65 yrs comes under 8th category.

9.  People who are 66 and above yrs comes under 9th category.

check out the video.

grahabalam 18th Jan 2011 Nagadoshalu-remedies by madhurikiranmai

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