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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Grahabalam - Pancha Beejakshara Sarvathobhadra Mandal which showers all the happiness in life

                Shri Maha Ganadhipathaye Namah

Through the Grahabalam viewers I aspire for all the good to everyone in the world and this is nothing but just a small attempt which is known as Sarvathobhadrachakramandalam.

Shri Nanadana nama telugu year's king and minister is Shukra(Venus). On 5th and 6th June (India, foreign counties) there is an Shukra eclipse which we are going to see.This was last seen in Taranama telugu year and has been viewed by few.It occured 105 years back. Next Shukra eclipse will occur again in December 2117 If we observe present situation prevailing in the world...............fear haunts us thinking how it would be in future.With the increase in population has also increased scarcity of food grains.

Environmental polution is at its peak, in coming days we might not have water to even sip or wet our tongues. On one hand there is the destruction of tree treasure and on other there is scarscity od rain as well. Due these present situational changes people who are into agriculture are forced to move to cities for livelihood.Farmers count is decreasing day by day.If this continues in future.........not me.............not you..........but we all need to change the way we think and that change should start from now.The change can never come from one person......but from hundreds.....thousands...lakhs of people.If we can bring a small transition in us and the society...........we can atleast bring some good results in life to an extent.

To alter a person's thinking and to listen to what opposite person has to say one requires patience. Along with having patience one also need zest to follow what has been said.This zest will make them ready to practise.Thus practising will have an inclination towards humanity.With this feeling we will definitely achieve what we aim for. Along with our hard work and determination we need god's grace as well.That's why in this moola nakshatra travel time you must see the sarvathibhadrakachakra mandal given in this blog with all enthisiasm, eagerness, faith and devotion. In this Sarvathobhadrachakramandal(details will be given in coming days) there are especially 5 beejakshara's embodied in it.

Sarv means everything, bhadra means good.In order to have everything good in life indirectly every person needs the first path towards it.Even if you have done kalasha poojas or not atleast you have seen these 5 beejaksharas  in the Sarvathobhadrachakra mandal, so imprint this model in your mind.There is no need to make a photoframe of this model. Starting from the centred square representing Om named pranava, then it starts with Ganapathi beeja in clockwise direction below,Im named saraswathi beeja wealth, through Hreem named beeja we can attain stable reign, through Shreem beeja which helps in organising all needed resouces to live.

The kalasha poojas and Keerthimukha are nothing but the adishtana devatha's of the above stated 5 beejaksharas(Sarvathobhadrachakra mandal).As this Shukra eclipse is occuring in the coming Moola nakshatra we need to see this Sarvathobhadrachakra mandal.Always think of badhrachakra mandal model in your mind.Please pass this details to everyone you know and tell them to see.I wish upon great things happening to everyone and lets save the water which is precious for existence of life.We are happy to say that through Omkar Mahashakthi Peetam Trust, we would be bringing much more interesting topics which contribute for development of humankind  in coming days out of generosity but not commercial.

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