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Friday, 18 May 2012

Grahabalam - All 9 kalasha poojas at once - Must read

5th June 2012 - All 9 Kalasha poojas at once

God Brahma and other devathas(gods) are getting their fuel from a supreme power which is in form of a shape to perform their duties.That supreme shape or form is none other than Jaganmatha(goddess).

Humans have less capability.Upasan is nothing but an act.....  when an integrated(complete) fundamental power is infused with limited power to attain blended power, we need to practice it. Life's aim doesn't get fulfilled without any flair or capability.Its aboslutely impossible.Ceaseless upasanas and poojas doesn't bring any wisdom. When impure awareness consummates(results) into pure awareness, only then all our upasanas and poojas will florish with our sadhana(practise) parameshwari's blessing.Sadhan(practice) with all devotion and application is vital for every person to eliminate impure awareness which gives rise to awful desires by themselves with great zeal.With our pure awareness we are offered with blended power of Shivashakthyika bindi called Jaganmatha, we must perform our assigned duties to best of our abilities.

Shiva means conscious enlightenment.

Shakthi means conventional(practice) capability.

Elightenment and capability................We can perform our duties to our potential only when these two are integrated.

Enlightenment and capabilty congragates into united power in the form of Shivashakthi. All the amruthdharas(wisdom of light) in an man's brain have been originated from shivashaktyaika binduvu(shape).

We must accomodate all our body powers and universal powers into our brain.Its only there, where it turns into nector(wisdom).This secret was preached in soundarya lahari to all mankind by Shri Adishankara Bhagavadpadulu.

At  present, we are living in computer yug.With this we can catch hold of material wealth.But with this we don't get the nector which is in Shivashaktyaika bindu.So we need have devotional prospective and zeal to work hard to get the wisdom, power and happiness clubed nectored wealth from Jaganmatha's srichakra yantra.All this will be a waste if not done with purity at heart.

Nava chakra built is solely form of Shiva shakthyaikam.This entire universe has sprouted(came to existance) from nava trikonas of shrichakra. These are called Nava Moola Prakruthies pr Nava yonis.

All the 5 essential elements of a human's body which are skin, blood, flesh, brain, bones......come into existence with these 5 Shakthi trikonas.And the remaining 4 elements which are liquid between bones called synovial fluid, semen, life, person.....these 4 came into life with shiva konas.

 In this visible world, god's power can be seen as a potrait by all humans.The 11th sloka in Soundarya lahari is nothing but description of this potrait. The absolute truth about this computer age is that no one can do sadhana or practise it to their full capacity.Few great personalities with their enormous power, spiritual vision and complete sadhana(practise) offer their services to common people for the betterment of mankind which is a gift known as nava raksha kavachs.With our confinement, navaraksha kavachs named kalasha pooja process have been performed with devotion and doing so we can attain elightenment and capabilty named sivashaktyaika bindu through that we are showered upon with nector.

In this sequence, on Bhakti TV we have informed you about 9 kalasha poojas separately.There are so many people who are blessed and got very good results after doing these 9 kalasha poojas without fail with all devotion and faith.Similarly to perform all the 9 kalasha poojas at once there are 4 dates in 2012.Among them 5th June 2012 is the first.This 5th June is very auspicious because the good planet Guru(Jupiter) after entering rashi ,on this day which occurs to be moola nakshatra.To perform kalasha poojas we need special planetory situations occuring days.

In this regard, on 5th June 2012 evening between 6:00pm and night 10:00pm  kalsha pooja can be performed in India.In foreign countries kalasha pooja can be done on 5th June 2012 morning before 10:00am.

Since past 3 months there have been innumerable requests from Bhakthi tv viewers, well wishers, friends, elders and pandits to perform all the 9 kalasha poojas at once under sidhanthi garu's supervision. Even after seeing the response sidhanthi garu could make a move.

The main reason behind this is that he was worried about the accommodation for all the viewers and well wishers.So need huge place for that.On that the weather of that evening should co-operate and if it doesn't then for that we need to take appropriate measures.We not only need to provide necessary requirements, help but also need people who could volunteer whole heartedly.We need lights and mike system for that evening purpose.Even though this program is under sidhanthi garu's supervision we need pandits to perform pooja.As its a evening program, people may come to the venue from afternon itself.Keeping in mind that this is mid summer which is unbearable.For that they need provisions.Plenty of water should be provided.Toilets must be provided.....we need to be ready only if we can satisfy all these requirements.None of these come for free.As of yesterday I was in a dilemma to take a decision.So after being under pressure from fans which has been increasing hourly basis couldn't say no.

Why sidhanthi garu is saying all this because.......exibition grounds or any other ground for that matter is not a place to perform poojas or homas in a hurry.We need to provide all the necessary comodities to each person in a proper way.Only then godess will shower blessings upon us.

So few of the fans have been planning this event with special accomadations to perform all 9 kalasha poojas at once in Hyderabad.In this regard, people who are willing to participate or do the pooja may please contact nos below between 18th May 2012 to 23rd May 2012.Call and register your names and find out the details as well.You can even register your name by email given below.All the necessary commodities required for pooja from start to finish............. will be organised by Omkar mahashakthi peetam's supervison.You may just come and sit for the pooja.For the fee and other details please contact the nos below.Please don't use these contact nos or mail id for horoscope details.

Contact nos:

8686590046 ,

8686590047 ,

8686590048 , E-mail:

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