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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Grahabalam 13th May 2012 - Rashi phalalu

As its sunday,its time for rashi phalalu.

Mesha to Meena rashi


  1. hi madhurigaru! ua doing a real good job.v r al lucky that u hav created this site with lot f hardwork n patience.some words r really difficult 2 b translated n english.i wish n pray that MAY GOD BLESS U 4 AL UR EFFORTS 4 uz.u r a lucky child f a lucky salute 2u "the 1 man(kadu proudwoman)army"
    best wishes

  2. Hello Vanajaraj garu!

    Pleasure is abosolutely mine.I feel i'm lucky to be helping people in a very small way i can.I think its god's way of taking care of everyone i guess.

    Yes , I am a lucky child I think.I feel aboslutely blessed and fortunate to have so many people's blessings and wishes showering upon my family.Actually i'm spell bound and couldn't express my degree of happiness.

    Anyways this 1 proud woman army gets all the strength from people like u and god of course.

    Thanks a lot

    Ur words means so much. I wish all the happiness in the world to u and ur family too.




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